Monday, February 22, 2010

Work It, Girl!

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  1. Slim, the first one’s for you. 🙂 Bootay rockin’ everywhere.

  2. Ahahahahahahahahaaahahaa
    Photo-shopped “Donnnnnnnnnnkkkkk!!”

  3. where is the last girl’s other leg?

  4. Wooow…. ridiculous. Lmao..

  5. She doesn’t have one?

  6. I wonder if the shower handicap bar or whatever it’s called in the last one has anything to do with her “missing” leg…

  7. Thanks Cherry! That last gal is definately rockin… She can be lame like that alllllll she wants because she has got a great booty… Just someone plz tell me she 18

  8. nice going guys… ignore the hot ass and look for the leg thats hidden by the pic angle… way to be gay

  9. Weren’t Jessie and Kris the Angle couple?

  10. slim, she’s probably 15! Go for it, I won’t tell!

  11. Besides… “Booty Meat” just sounds disturbing to me… gross…

  12. @9 – Jessie and Kris are TOTALLY the angel couple…

    Two separate Lamebook submissions from the same album. THAT is an accomplishment!

  13. Lisa has special skills.

  14. Booty meat is yummy!! Thanks eenerbl! If her parents come home I will just hide under the bed… Hope Chris Hanson saves me room

  15. PS – the top part of that photo looks like she’s laying down wearing a gown – then it looks like it was cut out (poorly) and a water background and a mermaid tail were added using Microsoft Paint. Classic.

    Jessie made it on! Hahah yeahhh Kris the angel, Jessie the mermaid.

  17. I wish I could make myself look like a broken-in-half mermaid with poorly done.. what is that? The paint thing that’s automaticall on like, everyone’s computer. And that last girl reminds me of this friend I have with all the “hater proof” stuff. That friend annoys the shit outta me… And booty meat makes my mind go to someone like eating someones butt… Hannibal Lector style…

  18. Is it just me or does Angelique look to have some weird facials going on?
    Dooooooooooooonk, Booty meat…. I am so going to add these words to my vocab.

  19. krasivaya_devushka

    Booty meat? Wahahahaha!

    She wants respect, but calls herself a bitch!
    What a dumb bitch! 🙂

  20. Unbelievable! The “Me and Kris” album must be a goldmine for this type of stuff if they’ve already made it on here twice. I want to see more of them!

  21. @dazedandconfused ”she doesn’t have one?” aaaahahahahaaaaa

    pity you put in the question mark there

  22. Hahaha. I was “asking” in my quizzical voice… unfortunatly, you guys don’t know how that sounds 🙁

  23. Well. “Bootymeat” is probably my new favorite word.

  24. Ms. fat booty

    The last girl is about 16 and in her mom’s bathroom.

  25. what’s so special about lisa’s picture?

  26. For angelique’s photo, I was like “So what, she’s got a weird suitcase…OHHH”

  27. ‘bootymeat’ sounds like some kind of euphemism for shit

    do you get gravy with that?

  28. rofl @ lukeish

  29. @ cunfunuckty:

    Yes, yes you do. Bumgravy.

  30. Did anyone else notics that there’s someone standing there in Angel’s photo? Watching… while she makes ugly-face-poses?

  31. The last one is “hater proof” so I guess we can’t make fun of it.

  32. @piglet i’m with you, can someone please explain why #3 is here because i’m missing it.

  33. Ha. Maybe Kris and Jessie could be regular contributors 😛

    @Piglet and poopaloop: I think it’s just the fact that… I dunno. I guess, it’s a bit odd? xD

  34. @piglet and poopaloop – Not sure what is going on in #3 at all. She seems to be shoving her face full of some kind of gross, overly-large foodstuffs (?). It doesn’t look terribly appetizing, and does not give me good feelings about 2010 bitchhhhh.

  35. Respect Dis Bitch..? She seriously wants respect with a pic like that? Some people need to be smacked for real.

  36. Hater Proof? I say we give it a go anyway.

  37. Look i’m a mermaid!

  38. @cool username: Shhh…don’t bring up the missing leg. Next thing you know she’ll come on here threatning to fly and hunt you down.

  39. Not gonna lie, the first one is funny.

  40. Nice photoshop on the last girl. She posted those pictures in the FB group, “Hi, I wasted a very long time liking you.”

    btw people she’s like 14. pervs. lol

  41. I am so calling my ass “bootymeat” from now on.

  42. WikidJuggaloPanda

    Dude no, look at the last one really close, I’m guessing fourteen. Jailbait like that always displays it yo, ya just gotta look before touching :p

  43. The camera added about 50 lbs on her bum

  44. I think in number three it’s either pizza or human flesh…. Either way it’s pretty gross. And if I ever caught my daughter taking photos like that at age 14 she would never be allowed on the Internet again.

  45. I am 70% sure that last pic is photo shopped.

  46. @ 25. Piglet

    Her needs.

  47. So I vanished for two months because I was too lazy to find that stupid generated password and I return to discover…complete and utter shit.

    Why am I even saying this?

    Anyway. I sincerely hope the last girl is hater proof, because she’s going to need all that and a flame-proof suit.

  48. the first one is funny,
    the last one needs to be shot.

  49. hahahah who uploaded all of these?

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