Monday, February 22, 2010

to Grandmother’s Post We Go

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  1. fist

  2. second

  3. ^^ Both prize retards …

    There’s something just not right about people born before the 1970s being on Facebook …

  4. Oi Museite, you ageist!What’s wrong with being born in 1968.

  5. Pat has all my future aspirations wrapped up, right there.

  6. Pat is sure to get plenty of playmates with that outfit.

  7. @knobjockey, what about your fist?

  8. Whoa! A bisexual grandma whose 68th birthday just passed last weekend? That must have been memorable. ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. The funny thing is, if you are like me and came in through Facebook, you saw what looked like bare breasts in a photo and saw the word grandmother in the title and still dared to check it out. WTB!

    Also, lol @fist. ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. gregs grandma is a winner.

  11. Karen (or whoever’s on her account) and Greg’s post: Dullest conversation EVER.

  12. Just wait until bisexual granny is 69!! Woo Hoo! nothing like lickin saggy vag lips while gettin a gummer!!

  13. Slim, truly revolting, but I like it.

  14. Ugh, I was expecting this xD I love how you guys manage to turn every Lamebook post onto some crazy sezual discussion or other, no matter the topic ๐Ÿ˜›

  15. sezual? :S

  16. Hobo, are you saying it’s a bad thing? Maybe we should talk more like Karen and Greg?

  17. Oh no, not at all. I’m just not sure how to say something positive about it without sounding like a pervert xD I don’t have the gifts of talking good. Let’s put it this way, if you guys commented like Karen and Greg, I’d have to claw my own eyes out.

  18. The high libido in front of their computer screens makes everything so much better.

  19. OMG cody is douche!

  20. I’m with word.

  21. sorry hobo… I am a married pervert… Have to get my perv on somewhere… You unlucky folks are it… So sit back, relax and watch me toss this grannys tits over her shoulders and fuck her until her hip breaks

  22. I knew a girl that used to sit on her vaginal lips a lot, no matter what kind of pants she wore. Last time I talked to her, she said she had a lip reduction scheduled.

    There’s no joke here… I just like talking about yatches.

  23. Slim, thanks for giving me a very graphic image of an octogenarian 69.

  24. @ 22

    I saw an episode of that on Dr. 90210 (I think). She thought she needed the reduction because she was extremely promiscuous but it turns out that they were really big curtain flaps.

  25. mc, first I was thinking, don’t we all?, and then I tested and checked it on myself.
    I’m nowhere near sitting on them. That girl must have been very well endowed in the lip area, poor thing.

  26. lol Cherry Cola, the curtains of death, as I like to call them. They can suck a man up and swallow him whole!

  27. Checking the position of my genitalia while seated in front of the computer… I’ve gone nuts, it’s your fault mc.
    I gotta get to work, have a good day you filthy animals.

  28. Wordpervert is a girl. That is fucking awesome.

    mcowles: Did your friend tell you on a regular basis that she was sitting on her junk, or could you some how see it?

  29. Pat only shares SOME of her personal information?! After that profile pic I’m surprised she bothered with the privacy!

  30. Yeah, hobo, it sure takes a lot of work to turn a grandma with a fake boobs picture into a “sezual” topic. Don’t blame us. ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. @wordpervert

    I’m glad I could cause the extra attention. Your vagina was feeling neglected, but now it feels very special (and slightly paranoid), at least that’s what it’s telling me.


    She would tell me from time to time. I couldn’t see that area, when she sat down with pants on.

  32. mc, my vag does feel very special, ask anyone who’s been lucky enough to go there.

    Dazey, it took you this long to work me out?
    You haven’t been paying attention, hehe!

  33. HAHA! Every girl on here is checking her curtain flaps to see if they’re positioned right. Thank you mcowles!


  35. @beckyboo

    If my comments have helped one woman realize… *sniff*… that they are not alone in their struggles with oversized labia, then the fight will have not been for nought. It is time for us to stand up… HERE and NOW, not just to give our bruised beef curtains some time to recover, but to show our unity and support for the overflapped! There have been too many years that oppression has been the norm, but THAT.ENDS.TODAY!!!!

  36. @ mcowles

    *stands and applauds, cries*

  37. Lol Jรณi!

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