Thursday, February 19, 2015

Tinted Brain

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  1. First!

    And with tinted windoes you can’t see Stevrs mom giving free handies in her Yugo behind the Wal-Mart!

  2. The Beast Among Us

    ^ Tint on MY windows, or tint on HERS?

  3. upto I looked at the receipt for $7844 , I accept that…my… father in law was realie taking home money part time at there computar. . there dads buddy started doing this for under 9 months and recently repaid the depts on there condo and got a great Fiat Multipla . try this out


  4. Your mom is a troll.

  5. Another thing you can do for your little one is light one of those portable barbecues and put it on the back seat with a box of burgers or some sausages, just in case they get hungry. So much safer than letting your child eat raw meat. And a nicely chilled bottle of tequlia with some mojito mix will give them a lovely refreshing summery drink.

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