Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Family Matters

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  1. I love that she tries to like, trick people.

    Oh man, don’t you think we’re such a cute couple? Well we’re cousins, PERVERT. Fuck off.

  2. Aida is definately fucking her cousin.

    Nikola, keep it in private message ffs – unless you’re taping it and uploading it to the internet. πŸ˜›

  3. Well I suppose sleeping with your cousin is not as bad as being your own cousin then sleeping with your other cousin…
    Then your kids will end up being like a mixture of Hitler and Jon Stewart, funny but socially unacceptable.

    This reminds me of a song called Bad Genes.

  4. That shirt is hilarious.
    And Annie, you obviously don’t drink enough to know about all the good alcohol does for you, not to mention that heavy drinkers tend to live longer than non-drinkers. You know, things like lowering stress, improving relationships, trying things you wouldn’t sober, etc. In other words, get back on the sauce Aaron!

  5. Marry me, Hobo.

  6. “Marriages between first and second cousins account for over 10% of marriages worldwide.”

    Thank you, Wikipedia, for enlightening me.

  7. Aida FTW.

  8. Hm, this seems fake. If Caroline is Alan’s mom I doubt she’d type in such ‘young person’s’ style.

  9. Mood lighting, deeeeep V-neck shirt, romantic pose – yep, those cousins are going to at least 3rd base.

    The baby has a look of concern, perhaps it’s a true statement.

  10. One of my high school teachers married her cousin, but they didn’t know they were cousins. They found out when their son died of a congenital heart defect caused by inbreeding.

  11. @mad2physicist
    You’re right. Caroline is probably his sister.

    You’ve gotta be fuckin kidding me.

  12. My cousins never get that close to my cleavage. I’m gonna have to agree with #9.

    They should probably go ahead and schedule their Maury episode.

  13. Lex, why would his sister know about his dad’s lack of sexual endurance? All the ways she’d find out about this are disturbing.

  14. The first thing I noticed about Lewis’s post was the font. How can one do that?

    Also, why must people say these things over facebook? Use a fucking phone, email or a carrier pigeon if you must. We do not care.

    And I’m sorry, but that’s an awful and inappropriate t-shirt. The mother or father could wear whichever sayings they want, but not on the kid.

  15. “And I’m sorry, but that’s an awful and inappropriate t-shirt. The mother or father could wear whichever sayings they want, but not on the kid.”
    @Milo seems like you are here to apply for our vacant Dan_Fargis position.Welcome to the group.

  16. LoL Dukey

    Sorry Milo I do not agree with you, it is a funny T-shirt that is all… I just found out I was gonna be a dad 3 weeks ago and I am already planning alot of these funny ensembles for my child(don’t know if it is a boy or girl).
    Why? Cause it drives the mom crazy and I find them hilarious.

  17. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I saw this babygro on a website a couple of yrs ago and thought it was hilarious. I wouldn’t dress my baby in that to leave the house but I’d quite like a photocall in the privacy of my own home!

    And @Milo – they also had a less ‘awful and inappropriate babygro that said ‘All Mummy wanted was a cuddle’. Does that sit better with your sensitive nature?

  18. Congratulations BoS πŸ™‚

    That’s your nice comment from the Hobo for this month. We now return you to your regularly scheduled repetive bitching.

  19. @tayfred

    If they can throw in a third cousin for a love triangle, we’ll upgrade them to the Springer show.

  20. @EmKitteh i think that story is better than this entire post.

  21. There is no way I could be dan_fargis. And you say welcome – I’ve been here for months… And is it just me, or has Soup developed a life outside lamebook?

    I like humourous tops on kids, but when the kid reaches the age of about 10 and sees that photo and ask people about it… A lot of my friends work with kids and a similar thing came up and the kid was retarded so had a harder time with understanding that it was a joke.

  22. I’m with Milo on the font thing. What’s up with that?

    As for the t-shirt, well, I think as long as the kid has no idea what it says, it’s fine as a joke. Just hide or throw away the thing as soon as he starts learning to read. And if I took pics of him wearing it, I would make sure he is not able to see them before he’s old enough to get the joke.

  23. Thank you Hobo!~

    And yeah I agree with you El_monty, to not show the kid when he is young. It is something you reserve for when they bring their first Boy/Girlfriend over for dinner πŸ˜€

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