Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Way To Go Eric!

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  1. Both would taste good cooked and spread on some pasta?

  2. They’re cheap and saucy?

  3. They’ve both been stuffed with Basil?

  4. Sounds to me like Eileen is the one that had it in her.

  5. They’re both fake?

  6. They are both shaped like a jar of Prego?

  7. They both explode in a red mess when dropped off a 7-story roof?

  8. They both love anal sex and deepthroat fucking?

  9. ^ I’m guessing you’ve had more experience fucking jars of spaghetti sauce than actually making love to women.

  10. ^brilliant! The mental image has me in stitches!

  11. They’ve both been eaten by Eric.

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