Friday, January 22, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. First! tits

  2. Matthew is a wise man. The best way to avoid being stabbed repeatedly is to be incinerated by a nuclear bomb.

  3. lostintranslation

    Of course Whitney loves being a parent–who doesn’t love having a convenient excuse to drink wine?!

    I think Mayra and Drew should hook up.

  4. I’m sorry but Mayra is just retarded.

  5. kinda stupid

  6. Lamebook is getting lame! I have submitted some excellent things the past couple days but then they put up stuff like this? Makes me wonder about who is running this site.
    Like one a submitted was a very white blond girl who joined a group called I love being black. Now even if that is lame it sure as heck is better than half of these posted today! I am going to submit this site now for being lame!

  7. Go elsewhere.

  8. I didn’t mean to be completely hating on this site, it’s actually more fantastic than anything else. I just discovered it the other day and some of the things they post are seriously funny. After yesterday and today I am just scratching my head. Sorry if I am alone in my opinion and my failure to get the point.

  9. Ahaha, awesome. The mistake some of these people are making is thinking that anyone on Facebook gives a shit what their status is. Because they don’t. Nobody cares what anybody but themselves has written on Facebook, yet everybody wants everybody else to care.
    Sorry, Facebook is pissing me the hell off right now 😛 /rant

    varkjie, one thought… if one joke you submitted was a white girl joining the ‘I love being black’ group, maybe the admins thought it wouldn’t work as well after they blurred her photo.

  10. @varkjie

    fuck off and stop bitching and email lame content in then

  11. Misty (who is a fan of being a parent) is blatantly the is-she, isn’t-she preggers bird of multiple abortion fame from yesterday.

  12. lostintranslation

    @libbyt: Nice catch there!

  13. @libbyt: That’s what I thought when I saw it too!

  14. What happened to the Misty post from yesterday? Did they delete stuff again? Did I miss anything good?

  15. Nevermind. Found it. I was hoping I’d get to hear a great story though.

  16. Misty served Everyone with a lot of amusement and will need therapy, if it is for anger management or pregnancy test usage we can’t say for sure

  17. Matthew can avoid getting stabbed by not irritating @TheBloggess when at the movie theatre trying to watch AVATAR.

  18. …im definitely going to run over and join ‘moms who need wine’ lmao!

  19. Drew’s post isn’t funny.

  20. Am I missing something? How exactly is Drew’s post funny?

  21. This is LAMEbook. Not FUNNYbook. And I’d say Drew’s post takes the LAME cake.

    …and so does that statement.

  22. Jeeze. Drew’s is LAME AND FUNNY because he obviously wants someone to look at the 2nd one that says “I joined a group and it’s about you” and the group he joined that is about someone has to do with looking at old photographs. It’s just kind of a pathetic cry for attention.

  23. I don’t see that Drew’s post is so awesomely lame that it needs to be included here.

  24. @luz785

    You should read the tagline again. I’ll wait here.

    Did it say “the *funniest* and lamest of facebook”?

    Alright then.

  25. Whitney put the bottle down your baby is crying.

    Mayra later that day also became a fan of “You hang up…No Youu hang up…nooooo yooouuu hang up” and “No You shut up…” and “I’m an annoying teenage twat”

  26. Jeremiah is the pussy

  27. lame. not in a good way

  28. Ah Misty. I missed Misty.

  29. @ Spanka, haha that’s hilarious. I might create the group “I’m an annoying teenage twat” just for Mayra.

  30. @blondie1508 and spanka –

    mayra should join the group “i think i’m cool because i’ve joined loads of groups but really i’m a twat”

  31. Jeremiah really put his pussy in his mouth there.

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