Friday, January 22, 2010

One Line Wonders

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  1. My eyes are starting to hurt again

  2. @wordpervert – I could suggest some pretty useful ideas to stop my posts from “hurting you eyes” (however I’m starting to wonder if it’s actually my posts causing your eyes to hurt or if it’s just a side effect of the dizziness you must be feeling from SPINNIN’ ‘ROUND & ‘ROUND ON THAT BROKEN RECORD YA GOT GOING). Anyways, here are my suggestions: 1) Stop reading them and ignore me. 2) Use a spork to dig them out. And finally (this may be the most practical one…) 3) go f*@$ yourself 🙂

  3. I agree with Jonice, cum is amazing and I’m a total cum whore.

  4. @hobbes, no that’s called swapping, a snowball has to grow…

  5. I’m hungry now…

  6. @Chrissy u r so right… is isnt much different… but stillz… ps3….

    @darthvari so true…

  7. Wow fistacular, wow. I’m hungry too Remo, haha.

  8. @simone.kelley89. you don’t swallow so you don’t get gonnorhoea? you’re an idiot! its already been in your mouth if you spit it out. If you’re that concerned you shouldn’t be giving BJs to man whores

  9. @lilmamashorty i think oliver is a girl… and she got drunk an gave a random dude a bj… maybe even the cab driver cuz she didnt have anymore money after spending it on the booze that got her into that position in the first place!!!

  10. Now off to blow my hubby. This thread is making me hungry.

  11. For the swallowers…how about cooking with semen?
    Not something I will be trying anytime soon!

  12. @ Slanderous Princess: Totally agree with you there, it does all depend on the diet. Your comment “hasty spit and rinse” made me chuckle, only because I’ve been in the situation. I thought most girls swallowed before I spoke to my friends about it and found out I was the only one who did out of 10 of us…Thank god most people do on here, I feel relatively normal now.

  13. I always swallow. That’s just the kinda girl I am!

    I agree with Chrissy, it’s about giving him what he wants. I feel great knowing that my husband is enjoying it, and that I can use it to my advantage when I want something later on. He doesn’t play PS3, but he doesn’t seem to mind when I go down on him whilst he is driving.

  14. I dunno, I might be thinking about heading towards possibly aligning myself with wordpervert sometime in the future, Chrissy does seem to have a lot to say for herself, on most topics, much of the time, I’m just hoping she keeps it fresh, funny and informative if she keeps going or else I would suggest that her husband plays PS3 more often…

  15. wow. With my husband I originally swallowed because I was too lazy to crawl out of bed and go find somewhere to spit it (it’s a lofted water bed so this actually would take effort). Then when I realized how much more it turned him on, there were no second thoughts.
    As for the snowball, that’s when a man cums in your vag, licks it out, and then spits it in YOUR mouth. Very erotic…

  16. I dont get whats wrong with Olivers. He said he hoped it WASN’T semen.

  17. thank you @mb I just bought it : D now I need to find the right man to drain.

  18. i always swallow. Not only do I enjoy it, semen is a natural anti-depressent, so instead of popping a zoloft or some other rx that has god knows how many side effects, i just let my bf pop off into my mouth, lol. WARNING, swallowing semen has the following side effects: a happy woman, and a happy man who’s snoring now instead of bugging said woman for a bj lol

  19. HEH HEH Semen is an anti-depressant… For the guy maybe!

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