Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Background Checks

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  1. wow I don’t think I’ve ever been first on a post. I’m really curious to know where number 1 was taken. I thought it was a man at first. Haha.

  2. Gross.

  3. I came

  4. I saw!

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    The less fat chick in the foreground of the pic with the masturbating whale looks like she is giving that dude a reverse reach-around.

  6. Third one was too blatant.

  7. “I hit’em right dead in the jaw.”

  8. The first one has been on like 50 other sites for about 5 years. Lame.

  9. ^ It is called LAMEbook ya know.

  10. third one is not a “background check” because they are obviously posing to have their picture taken with the crack guy. background checks are ACCIDENTS.

    geez lamebook.

  11. CommentsAtLarge

    First one: Keep this in mind when planning the destination wedding of your dreams.

    Second one: If he bags them both after she regains conciousness, is it considered MORE than a three-way?

    Third one: You were in Vegas and that was the most scandalous picture you had? Either it was early or you were just not trying.

  12. Is this it? I’ve been waiting for something better

  13. …and Dukey: Less fat chick?

  14. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Less-Fat chick. I couldn’t say skinnier because that would imply some skinniness.

  15. Those chicks in pic 3 are hot!

  16. It’s just her upper arm, maybe she’s just had a baby. Why else would people get married? She’s not fat though- Gosh the body standard on here…!

  17. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Anybody care to help me and Saffer decide if that girl is fat or not?

  18. I vote not fat. Just not skinny.

  19. Dukey, you know how harsh I can be when it comes to the fatties, but I have to say I’m with saff on this one. She’s not fat. She’s not even close to fat. She appears to be within a healthy weight range. On another note, though, the dude she’s marrying looks old enough to be her daddy.

  20. I think she just has a really big head… a bison head.

  21. wait.. are we talking about puke bucket or skinny bride here?

  22. The child bride. Puke chick, on the other hand, is fat. Check out those thighs.

  23. Dukey’s original comment at #5 was pretty clearly about puke bucket.

  24. oh- well child bride makes it very easy to tell… fat people always have those weird lumps hanging under their chins.. she gives us a perfect side shot and is clear of chin sag. hands down skinny.

  25. That married couple really should have planned the location better or dressed down…

  26. #1 – The bride is passable for now. But after getting married? She will fulfill her density in short order.

    #2 – Havoc II: The College Years.

    #3 – I’ve always felt that the slots just lead to a gaping hole of no return.

  27. #23, in that case, I agree with Dukey. She’s fat.

  28. And if the first picture has been doing the rounds of the internet for years, then it’s quite possible that the topless walrus is my French stepmother before she lost a lot of weight. I (unfortunately) have pictures of her in a very similar bathing suit. Actually, they are way worse that this one.

  29. #23 “less fat,” “foregorund”… I dunno but I think that implies the bride, because it’s clear that word’s French stepmom is FAT.

    you know the game word :pics

  30. Soup Havoc III, another unrelated movie goes by the title Havoc II… don’t ask why I know this *hides face with hair*

  31. The guy in the last pic intrigues me; the way he is sat in the chair, what is he doing with his right hand?…. and most mysteriously, the two hands on his back from someone out of shot.

  32. Ugh, that first one has been around forever. How many more times do we have to see that shit?

  33. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Just for the closure, “masturbating whale” is the puke bucket girl.

  34. everyone on all of these pictures is fat, apart from the paedo in the beige suit and the two deformed slatterns in the casino. to those of you saying that the bride isn’t fat: she might be sucking in her pot-belly beneath that tacky dress, but you can’t suck in your upper arms. this is clearly a sham marriage: she’s fat, blotchy and desperate, he’s a sex offender in need of an alibi.

    i’m not sure why the second one is on lamebook, i swear i saw the very same picture in national geographic. it was an article about a particularly resourceful herd of manatees who would lure unsuspecting sailors onto the rocks before raping them and feasting on their flesh.

  35. saff, honey, I would never subject you to those pics. The misunderstanding about which chick Dukey was referring to is the most amusing thing about this thread. Buddy, the chick in the foreground of the second pic with the huge head possibly doing a reverse reach-around; the one you were (apparently) originally talking about, is pretty damn sturdy, yes.

    And, vincent, welcome back. But the bride is not fat.

  36. #1 I’d be pissed off if I was trying to get a photo for the wank bank and some fucking wedding got in the way.

  37. ahh yes, I get it now- guess I had a slow day yesterday not to have noticed pic 2. Yes she’s fat, no doubt.

  38. How much would you say you guys hate women on a scale of 10 to 10? 10?

  39. The guy in the second picture was on TLC’s show Addicted! When the show aired, he was hooked on Meth & the chick he was dating at the time hired Kristina Wandzilak for the intervention and all of that. She was talking to him and he was like, “I wanna change my life too blah blah blah,” and she was like, “That’s nice but I was hired for her. Whatever happens to you, I don’t really care.” I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s funny how she just shut him down like that! It doesn’t seem like he’s improved much.

  40. monkeyhairedwarrior

    Curious to know where ‘Toodles’ has seen the 1st before, seeing as I sent it in..

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