Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Apologetic Thanks

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  1. We know that doing a favor for someone inclines us to view them more positively. Recasting an offense that I have committed against you as a favor you are doing for me amounts to psychological manipulation, forcing you by underhanded neurological hacking to actually admire and value me for being a shitty person. It enables the offender to escape having to acknowledge that they have offended, and forces their victim to pretend gracious acceptance of the situation. It assumes forgiveness without actually seeking it, or acknowledging the need to do so. It has a cumulative effect as well, so that each instance is more effective, more easily accepted by the victim, and could very easily, even unintentionally, establish a highly abusive relationship where one person constantly does things they should apologize for, but never actually apologizes, and ends up benefiting from their own bad behavior. Acknowledging a fault or failure is not negativity. It is honesty. Replacing honesty with manipulation is certainly powerful, but not in a good way.

  2. Welcome to the world of advertising, replacing honesty with manipulation since, well, forever.

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