Friday, March 9, 2012

Kony Phony

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  1. jesuschristanlsuperstar

    Is lamebook moderating comments?

  2. Bit late to start now isn’t it?

  3. Dude,I saw Predator, where Arnold greases up, and Carl Whethers does a bicep flex with him! Totsawesomeness…. Then some pasty Asian comes in all “nang nang nang, I cant drive, nang nang nang” then Rambo blew the shit out of him… then he fixed my hard drive, then I put 12″ of hard steel in his neck. Tru story, bro.

  4. That first one was pretty amusing.

  5. What does LMS mean? Also, when I first saw something about Kony 2012 I thought it was a music festival….

  6. LMS means ‘Lick my shithole’….Ok it doesn’t it means Like my status but from this day on whenever I see it I’m going with my version.

  7. Carl Weathers is a nice guy, too.

  8. His Apollo Creed was awesome.
    *rocky rocky rocky*
    And then Sly Stallone beats the shit out of him and then Dolf Lundgren ganks him. Sigh.

  9. Fun fact: The whole KONY meme is just an evangelical christian recruitment tool. Kony isn’t even in Uganda anymore.

  10. Fun fact. It’s not about getting him out of uganda’s about stopping him wherever he is. Fun fact(yt will love this) they are doing us a favour and taking aids out for us. Fun fact: did I mention your a dickhead?

  11. You make a cogent point, dc.

    Also, you mean “you’re.”

    Also, you should probably learn about world events from more sources than your friends’ facebook walls (Much of KONY 2012 is implausible, and many reliable news organizations have pointed this out).

    Also, Invisible Children is an organization whose leader has spoken at Liberty University (the one run by Jerry Falwell, the preacher who blamed 9/11 on the ‘homosexuals’) about “stealth evangelism,” where you recruit evangelicals in subtle and subversive fashions.


  12. Best thing Ive seen on Lamebook in a long time.


    This is more like it finally something that has actually made me chuckle, with all the timeline posts it had been a while.

  14. My apologies for the error merle but if we are going to go all out with corrections I beg to differ on your “organization”. While spell check made it that way over where we are it’s “organisation”. Btw how do you spell defense? Is it defense or defence? So yeah I was tired late as it was. So fuck you.

  15. And wether it’s Christian or muslim who cares. There’s a monster and this guy is putting him in the Public eye to make a change.speaking of which i wonder what yt mutation makes of kony…..

  16. you need to calm the fuck down, dc.

  17. ….And look who is telling you, that in itself speaks volumes

  18. I know, right? Don’t think I don’t know.

  19. #15 No need to wonder, I mean…Would you be suprised to find out that Yt and Koni are the same guy? or at the the minimun possibly Koni is the daddy. Pr.-Dah-Dei

  20. ^ Explains why he hasn’t been around lately.

  21. be careful. he’s like a beetlejuice – if beetlejuice was an exceptionally annoying and pathetic cunt – and you bastards just keep on summoning him…

  22. Ytmutation! Ytmutation! Ytmutation!

    Did it work?

  23. Mrsbeatusmongous

    ^you wanna sleep on the couch again?

  24. The Carl Weathers one was great.. As for this ytmutation-kony theory, doesn’t anybody remember that yt IS white? I kinda miss that little racist douchebag though. I’m really hoping he comes back soon.

  25. ^ He’s not white. He copied that little anecdote from Yahoo Answers (probably a troll post written by a non-white person) and didn’t say where it was from until a few weeks later. We all thought it was him writing it. However, he really likes the Control-C, Control-V operation. It’s like he just discovered a cool new toy.

    Whatever race he is, he makes his race look bad.

  26. Thanks, smimp. I think I like your version better.

    Why are some people so made that everyone is talking about Kony now? Isn’t awareness the only way to do anything about this?

  27. Why are people so mad* is what I meant to say…

  28. Haha – beatus summoned his wife instead of yt.

    Re. Kony, The Atlantic explained it best: “The viral video campaign reinforces a dangerous, centuries-old idea that Africans are helpless and that idealistic Westerners must save them.”

    It’s good to know that clever propaganda and emotive filmography still work though. The Catholic Church, the Nazis’ Ministry of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda, and the U.S. Office of War Information have given us much to be proud of.

    As for Liberty University, wasn’t that a fucking eye-opener?! Thank you, merle, for directing me to that treasure trove of ridiculous creationist conservatism. If only someone had trademarked the words “Liberty” and “Liberal”, so that in present day those monikers could only be released to truly liberal organisations and political parties.

  29. I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here – because I enjoy it – and pose this question:- If africans aren’t helpless and don’t need assistance of rich white boys with cameras, how come they themselves have failed to locate this kony character & his army in 26 YEARS?
    In civilised white society, they’ll hunt you down and lock you away for some crumbs of heroin stuck to the sole of your shoe.

  30. I don’t know much about the Kone character, but I do enough about the concentration of aids and the criminal element and corrupt law enforcement in Africa to say that if they were looking for the fella all the time they probably found him, know where he is, even have his number on speed dial and for a set fee, ‘niggas don’t know shit’.

  31. Ah, but they DIDN’T fail to locate him in that time, MsAnne. A half-arsed peace treaty was agreed upon which allowed him to remove himself and his army from Uganda about 6 years ago. Although the fucker is still at liberty, his relocation has allowed Uganda the opportunity to rebuild and move back into their villages.

    The main issue now is that the government of Congo will not allow the army of Uganda within its borders to have a look around for Kony. The way I see it, this is a diplomatic issue, not an awareness issue – unless someone is trying to garner support for another unwelcome invasion by Western forces.

  32. i think it would be kinder to be straight-up invaded and shot rather than be in the half-assed focus of several million ‘caring’ westerners with an iphone.
    And, by the way, DRC fucking NEEDS to be invaded. Those cunts are responsible for reprehensible atrocities on children on a daily basis. Mostly so we can have cheap computers. And iphones.

  33. Look at yourselves, idiots.

  34. You’re gonna have to put that in context, Flames, because as usual, no one knows what the fuck you’re talking about.

  35. ^’s a thought for you: how’s about he doesn’t put that shit into context?
    How’s about he just quietly swallows his motherfucking tongue?

  36. Ssh, it doesn’t even matter. He’s still googling the definition of “context”.

  37. He’d be better off googling “midget masturbation techniques”.

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