Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Ink that Stinks

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  1. @Miss Shegas

    Whatever you do, don’t visit any of these tattoo “artists” when you do – else the EMT’s will be gleefully performing CPR on your wrinkled old ass while wondering what “DNA MOTHERFUCKA” means.

  2. @Stretch

    CPR on her ass? Now that I’d like to see.

  3. At least in the second photo, the girl on the left only has to add an “n” to make the “a” say “an”… The girl on the right just has to live with the word “beginning” being misspelled forever.

  4. In one hour its gonna be March thirth!!

  5. I think “3th” should be pronounced “threeth” if only to emphasize its stupidity.

  6. Really, though, it should just be “April 3, 2007” (Note the comma)

  7. anyone else notice how “new” on “every ending has a new beginning” seems to have been added as an afterthought?

  8. The real problem with number four is that his tat says ‘Balls Out’ and yet he is clearly wearing boxers. Obviously not a motto he has committed to in practice and yet he felt compelled to permanently imprint it on his body. Excellent work!

  9. I’ve now added the word threeth to my vocab.
    Gotta love idiots without common sense or spellcheck.

  10. I have [sic] tattooed. That’s the end of letters on my body.

  11. Both of my text tattoos I looked over about a millions times after they put the stencils on. I would die if I had something spelled wrong permanently on my body.

  12. nothing says grandma like a nude betty boop on you.

  13. If I ever talk to you #39, I’m gonna have to go with a shortened version of your name, it’s way too bloody long.
    You could be interesting, so it’s possible that I will, so forgive me if I appear familiar at first… me being lazy that’s all.

  14. The fourth tattoo…
    I’m sure that’s a game I played at school.

  15. lol word, great minds think alike!

  16. @ glueyourfingers~ I would go with 13th. That’s just me…

  17. April 2th, birthday of dentists.

  18. @nashnth – brilliant!

    do you get what you pay for with tatoo artists? I use the word artist in the loosest sense because exlcuding betty boo (which is quite cool) text stencils could be done by a monkey – and they might have a better chance at spelling it correctly. What fucking idiot puts 3th?

  19. Oh Ben- “tattoo”, “excluding”,”Betty Boop”- perhaps its time to hire that monkey…

  20. @slueth – I was “being” ironic

  21. no FeaR nO DOubt
    That’s right guys. It’s Frodo!!!

  22. How many people have to see Sean’s tattoo before they realise the mistake? Sean didn’t pick it up, the person who posted the photo didn’t pick it up and the tattoo artist didn’t notice either. Can people really be that dumb?

  23. Sorry everyone, I haven’t read all the posts… So I apologize if someone answered #12’s question… It should be “Every story has “AN” ending” (that one you already knew…) and the second mistake is “Every ending has a new “BEGINNING”. They left out the second “n”.
    The first girls tattoo would be an easy fix… The other one, however… She’s going to have to get laser to remove half the word and then get it redone.

    Again, sorry if someone mentioned this already!

  24. what is wrong with some people?
    sean – seriously? are you taking the mick? the world has turned into an illiterate resting place for the dumb
    and how is “pay it forward” wrong? its the name of a film dumbass.

  25. Missing an R between O and W.
    Thats how it’s wrong.

  26. It’s funny how a couple of people on here don’t see the problem with “Pay It Forward” lol. Just to let you know, it’s FoRward – missing the “r”

  27. @Jimmy123

    “Pay it Forward” is the name of a film. “Pay it Foward”, not so much.

  28. dazedandconfused

    I hate Nickelback.

  29. I think #4 lost an olympics bet.

  30. I thought the Nickelback one was too lame to be believed. It really looks like a photoshop if you look closely (OK I do like his body), it has all the signs.

  31. if only pay it foward was on her butt or genitals – then at least the spelling mistake could be overlooked…

  32. lmfao milo…..good one

  33. lol

  34. malteaser-sucks

    Seriously malteaser? Can you make any better comment than “lol”

    Most. Useless. Post. EVER

  35. HAHAH sean mckean you fucking douchebag turd. Only you would have your gay 3th tattoo on an international website for douchebags.

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