Thursday, May 20, 2010

Speedy Success

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  1. Bob.

  2. witty repartee as ever.


  3. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  4. I liked #2, though I’m not sure if its on the house because of the fuck you, you’re a dick part, or the general idea that giving out misery is so fun there is no charge!

  5. 1. Anthony, Richard Gere survived the shame, and so will you.
    Richard, if you’re out there, I love you.

    2. I like Jason.

    3. Old joke, not done very well. Disappointing.

  6. It’s a brave new world now, Lizzie: You don’t have to resort to selling sex to get money fast! Just do what I do whenever I need money: swallow condoms full of heroin and take them across the border. Anthony can probably help you loosen up for the extraction process.

  7. eh… not really funny… last one was just pathetic… lame

  8. agreed. i wonder, does everyone on here (most undoubtedly possessed of not inconsiderable amounts of grey matter) actually have a really low laughter threshold? or rather, are people tacitly aware of the growing obsolescence of the actual posts, them being increasingly less and less funny than the comments section, and using them merely as a kind of exordium, a jumping-off-point, for an eventual witty discourse….?

  9. Lamebook is lame itself. Still I have read every post on the site and end up here every night to see if there’s any new ones. I feel quite sad, in the tragical meaning.

  10. I come here mostly for the comments section… some of the posts are brilliant and most hilarious in one way or another.

    Sometimes I feel like ijustsawfly but then I do another bowl and crack another Keith’s.

  11. He should have gone with a gerbil, they have more girth.

  12. @mass – please excuse my ignorance… what is a Keith’s? A type of beer? I thought myself a connoisseur of sorts and it worries me if that is the case.

    @ee – Or perhaps a chinchilla. I heard chinchillas are wily creatures… but a part of me thinks that Anthony might be into that.

  13. Keith’s isn’t any beer I’ve heard of… 🙂

  14. Ok, good. I was getting nervous.

    So, Bulldog, long time no talk! How’s life in the dirty dirty?

  15. A chinchilla huh? Maybe…maybe after he’s ‘used’ it he can then make a nice pelt as a love memento?

  16. I know, right? I was hoping you didn’t get abducted by Canadian spies or something. 😉 Life in the dirty’s pretty decent. The Braves have a nice winning streak going, I got to go to the game on Sunday with some friends and drank a lot of frosty cold beverages, so I can’t really complain. It’s getting hot down here, though!

    How about you? Life good up in the great northeast?

  17. Bulldog, wanna try some heat? Come down here, it’s hot as shit! Normally I’m all for a good sweaty time, but this is ridiculous!

  18. Where’s down there, ee? It hasn’t gotten ridiculous here yet, but we’ve had a few really sweaty days. 😉

  19. South FL, and it’s HOT!

  20. You have a right mind to be worried. Those Canadians are wily like the chinchilla; or so I’ve heard. Glad to hear your team’s doing well… The Red Sox, not so much. It’s a little depressing this point in the season to be, what, 8 games behind Tampa and 4 behind the dreaded Yankees. Ugh. On the up side, we had our first summer day today though which was LOVELY. Although I had to work, I am now enjoying a delicious vodka beverage, about to delve into some porn that I’ve yet to choose, and not looking forward to the workday tomorrow 😉

    We really should work on some kind of script, and a title, for our “work in progress”…

    @ee – was it you or word who spent the evening with the pelts and stuffed heads? This is starting to remind me of that… and I like where it’s going!

  21. Yeah, you guys are way too hot and humid for me. It’s bad enough here! Although, I love the occasional visit.

  22. Vodka and porn? Can I please come over?!!

    And yes, we really do need to start the creative process…

  23. We’re planning a porn, so of course you can come over. We can watch and take notes to plan our “creative process” as you put it 😉 however, I have run out of juice so I am now mixing the vodka with old kool aid that I found in the basement. It’s just, at this point, I am not willing to put clothes on, drive to the store, and purchase more juice just to get shitty. But that’s me.

    What are you thinking for a title? Should I be “katypants” in it? hahahahaaa

  24. katy, the stuffed heads was me. Me and Bambi had a wonderful night of pleasure. Mmmm…

    Visit in the fall or spring Bulldog, it’s beautiful! Summer, not so much. Luckily I live about a little less than a mile from the beach, so that helps.

  25. You two enjoy your vodka and porn, I’ve got some wine that needs to be drank!

  26. You’re totally naked in my imagination. Kool-Aid’s a pretty solid mixer, really. Whatever gets the job done. Though, we should do some shots!

    Katypants is a good porn name, but we may be able to come up with something better. I’m drawing a blank on the name. Though, it’s set in the south… Peaches and Cream? Dickin’ in Dixie? Girl Gone Wild With the Wind? Goin’ Down (South)? Any thoughts?

  27. Love it, ee. The beach makes everything better. I am doing Tampa in the summer and then possibly again this fall.

  28. Oh ee! That story was hysterical… I was at work muffling giggles! Kudos on that. It either ruined Bambi, or made him a man (or stud)… what do you call grown male deers? Just a deer?

    wow. I’m drunk.

  29. I’m totally naked in real life, my dear. When I get home from work I take all those awful office clothes off and toss them into the basement. The man is at a racetrack so I can be nekkid and not hounded. And please, please, tell me… what is better than being naked, booze, and porn after a long day?


    With regards to the name… hmmmmm… I would love to incorporate the jet into the title as I would like that to be the main scene… you know the one when you pop in a porn and fast forward through all the crap to get to? Yeah, I want that. Southern and jets and power and afterburners and military… Give me more titles to work with!

  30. I’m finding it pretty hard to concentrate on coming up with movie names now that I know you’re naked, tipsy, and watching a flick. Too bad I don’t have a car that drives 800 miles an hour, I could get there in time. 😉

    Let’s see… Spread Iron Eagle?

  31. I do like it… but the jet I have in mind is an F-22 Raptor. Raptor Legs Around This… Giving in to the Raptor… F Me 22 Times, you Raptor… ok, now I’m just getting ridiculous. hahahaaa 🙂

  32. I like where your mind is, I think we’re on the right track. Maybe the title will “come” to us while you’re down on all fours on one of the wings…

  33. Hmmm… and I like where your mind is…

    Why dontcha come over for a test run? I’ve got, pffft, 2 hours… If you can get here in one, I think we’re set… you find a car that goes 800 mph yet? Or maybe a friend with a delorean equip with a flux capacitor?

  34. I’ve got enough beer to fuel the damn thing, but I haven’t found the flux capacitor yet. I think I’m motivated enough to run fast enough to get there if it came down to it. 😉

  35. For the ability to travel through time, make tonight last forever and have you whenever I want? I’d pay twice that. 😉

  36. Awww, now look. You’re making me blush. And I don’t think it’s the vodka 🙂

    “Raptor Legs Around This” is starting to sound pretty good…

  37. How about “F’ing 22: Raptor Legs Around It”? You can be a young northern girl visiting friends at a southern Air Force base, looking for someone to show her around. 😉

  38. Ohmysweetbabyjehsus. I like it.

    On that note… I am going to indulge on those things previously spoken of, ohhh, almost 2 hours ago. I have to bid you ado… however, I will inevitably see you again on here soon 😉

  39. 😉 enjoy!

  40. Wow, I’ve only had two glasses of wine, but you two just made me blush. Who knew F22’s could be so arousing? Oh well, I’m off to indulge. (in more wine that is, not air vessels)

  41. It’s a very powerful warplane, ee. Lots of power and thrust. 😉

  42. Woooow. Lamebook just became a dating site.

  43. lol

  44. ihatemalteaserlol


  45. Did I miss something???

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