Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Lesson in Parenting

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  1. Who is this Ben character?

  2. Ian is another example of a dirty old daddy. Seems to be stacks of them out there.

    Crystal, I’m lost, what the hell is your mother’s “bowl”?

  3. Wait so Crystal’s mom is a pot-head? Awesome!

  4. @wordpervert -> Probably a bowl of a pipe or a bong…

  5. If it’s hidden away, then it must be more than some generic piece of pottery.

  6. I’ve always felt some discomfort with daddy-daughter relationships that seem to have sinister sexual connotations. How can Ian possibly think that’s an appropriate thing to say?!

  7. Oh ok, so her mother is a stoner who likes to get herself off at the same time, I get it.

  8. @wordpervert – so just because she has a bowl she’s a stoner??? I own a bowl and…………….oh…………wait….

  9. #3 qualifies as child abuse IMO

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    You see Dylan, when you post things on Facebook your FB friends can read them. If you have your mom as a FB friend, she will see it too. Probably not a great idea to post things that you don’t want her to find out as long as she’s on your friend list. Wait, you called it the “crib” – nevermind you’re a lost cause.

  11. lamebookpro, got have a few bowls myself, and more than a few……..
    But I don’t keep them in the same drawer like Crystal’s mother.

  12. Saying she must be a stoner because she has a bowl hidden is ludicrous. Many people hide bowls without ever smoking pot. For example, I use mine exclusively for crack.

  13. My sentence makes no sense, it’s early.

  14. Why is it that the one person in your network that you don’t want to see your update is always one of the first three people to catch wind of it?

  15. That’s very true Sensible, it may not be for pot at all. She might be into ice for all we know, and if that were the case, having a daughter named Crystal has an element of poetry to it.

  16. Way to go Dad! I find the Father Daughter pedo thing is really abundant these days.

  17. Rand’s mom, fail. We’ve gone over this before. Come up with something more creative, funny, and don’t mention that your doing it!

    Also, crystal, why don’t you just fuck yourself instead? I mean, you already found one of the two things you need. Also, get your own damned bowl, whether it be for your namesake, or whatever else you enjoy.

  18. LOL @ the first one.
    Dylan was just served a plate full of his ass by his mom. hahaha!

  19. ian likes it on the kitchen counter? um, normally its the girl getting it on the counter… the guy is standing on the floor giving it to her… so a pedohomofather, woot

  20. My god, Bev delivered an awesome Mommy smackdown to Dylan. That was actually quite beautiful.

  21. lol

  22. Note to self: Hide vibrator better.

  23. one more time! the story of Ben, who is Frodo, who is herpes.

    One day, not so long ago, Ben posted angry statements about people posting “first” if they were lucky enough to get on first. He ranted and raved. But THEN, Ben started posting “first.” Well, there was quite a backlash and many posters commented negatively about young Ben. BUT THEN, Ben claimed that someone was using his user name. Yes, that’s right there was also a FAKE Ben! Can you believe it?

    Anyway, it was quite fun and many people, to this day, enjoy posting “Ben.” The Frodo thing only comes into play because I, and others, began posting “Ben is Frodo” which is based on an old Lamebook posting which you can see here:

    The herpes thing comes in because Ben (we think it was the real one, not the Fake Ben) who claims to be a medical student, was posting very lame and very false thing about herpes and how it is transmitted.

    That about covers it. In closing: BEN!!!!!!!!

  24. Ooooh! Ee, I know exactly where you should hide it.

  25. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    @dcrearview: Thanks so much for posting that link. I forgot how classic that thread was. Kyle is frodo indeed!

  26. Only one to hide, ee?

  27. MsBuzzkillington

    I clicked on that link to find about about “Frodo.”

    I scrolled down and saw Bianca’s post. Someone should really, really, take her kid away from her.

  28. It’s a little weird that Rand’s mom would say something like her son is super gay…Doesn’t seem like a very sensitive thing for a parent to say. I would expect that comment from a teenage boy.

    I’m sure Rand will get her back though when he comes out of the closet for real.

  29. I’d say Rand’s mom was just using her common sense, and going for the insult she knew would work on a teenage boy.

    Ashleigh deserves to find out that her Dad is a paedo.


  31. i <3 rands mom… made me chuckle

  32. @dcrearview

    Thanks for clearing that up, I finally feel like a part of the group. Although, to be honest, as internet meme’s come; that one is pretty lame…

  33. Bulldog? And where might that be? 😉

    Word, I only have one vibrator, but a few other things as well. I try not to limit myself. Variety is the spice of life, or in this case, my body!

  34. I already like Crystals mun

  35. I prefer to show you, ee.

  36. Aww Bulldog, is this like show and tell?

  37. Something like that, though I wouldn’t recommend trying it in any first grade classrooms. 😉

  38. Really? That’s when I had my first sexual encounter. We were playing doctor. What did I know?!

  39. Wow! That’s starting early! Just saying, if you go back and try it there again now, it may cause complications! 😉

  40. Yeap, but it was the 80’s. Funny thing though, I still talk to my doctor friend on occasion, however neither one of us mentions that fall day back in 1987. Sweet memories.

  41. You should bring it up. He’s probably on pins and needles wondering if you remember.

  42. lol, I’ll leave that one alone. Wouldn’t want to pissed off his wife, she might get jealous.

  43. You make an interesting point. 😉

  44. ariesdragon123

    Ashleigh’s status is where she likes to keep her purse. It’s another of those bra color games where girls post something idiotic for some cause or other, but without telling any guy what the status actually means. This one was where do you keep your purse when you first walk in the door, and your status is just supposed to be “I like it_______.” I did not participate, because I knew it was going to wind up on lamebook and I’m not an idiot.

  45. ariesdragon123

    So Ian isn’t a pedo dad, he’s a clueless, embarrassing one. As it’s about where his two favorite ladies (daughter Ashleigh, and mom) like to keep their purses, but it obviously has sexual connotations to it that he really should’ve been able to catch.

  46. Paranoid Android

    Stoner mum with a dildo = Win
    Pedobear dad = Fail

    The rest – meh.

  47. “I like it on the Kitchen counter”
    Another one of the girls “name the colour of your bra” and put it on your status.
    This time it was where do you like to out your handbag. LAME

  48. @ariesdragon123 Sorry, I never read your comment

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