Monday, December 7, 2009

Screwed Up



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  1. first. booyah.

  2. second bitches!!!!

  3. Drunk girls are fun.

  4. bloody hell.

  5. Leggo my Preggo!

  6. oh tanisha. if only I knew who you slept with.

    If only.

  7. I hope she never finds out. That’d be twice the lols.

  8. Oh Tanisha, I feel your pain because sadly, I pregnent 2 wit a bb

  9. Good job giving him a warning dumbass. And seriously that poor baby, being gestated in that petri dish of a uterus. Its gonna have 4 arms, a tail and one big eye when it comes squirting out of there.

  10. Bucky ftw.

  11. Whoops there goes another rubber tree plant.

  12. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Tanisha, srsly? Girlfriend gotta namecheck her baby daddy.

    Was it the anonymous father who screenshot and sent this in, before messaging her with a ‘oh yeah, hey, i’m the one that made you pregnent’.


  13. Brandon, you need to watch out when you claim to have made out with drunk chicks who don’t remember. Next thing you know, you’ve got Tanisha claiming you’re her baby daddy. Meanwhile, the actual father, having been tipped off about the pregnancy by Tanisha’s own ill-advised FB update, is three states away by now.

    @Me, I think I love you.

  14. So I’m the only one who stalks potential fuck buddies? I mean, how do you just not know who you’re screwing? I could fuck any skeezer looking good after 10 beers. Stalking is half the fun.

    I’m watching you Pat.

  15. Aww Sensible that warms my old crusty black heart. You’re one of my faves on here. BTW the blog? Just popped in laughed so hard I disturbed the wee one watching her yo gabba gabba. Now she’s gonna shit her pants to teach me a lesson about bothering her. 🙁

  16. Tanisha’s child is only a zygote, and already doesn’t stand a chance…

  17. If she knows about it then it is done being a zygote.

  18. Maybe it will just stay a zygote and never ever come out. Maybe it knows the life it has ahead of it, and decided that being a embryo is just not gonna happen. A life filled with different uncles daddies, screaming fits, Moms dts, holding moms hair back while she pukes. And the never ending search for the man that done did this to her.

  19. On the next Maury Povich, Tanisha has brought in 25 men to see if they are the father.

  20. Haha good one.

  21. YEAH …tchhhh that girl ,really , she make me skip my football match to go to that meeting with those other 24 guy

  22. Had Darwin lived today, and had Tanisha been a case study, would he still have concluded that species evolve?

    Also, it must break the heart of couples who can’t have kids of their own – who’d be wonderful parents – to read lamebook.

  23. If Tanisha had just agreed to video the damn thing like he wanted in the first place she wouldnt have this problem–she can just look on YouPorn.

  24. Everyone’s getting anonymous ass but me. 🙁

  25. #23 Colin- You’re a PROBLEM SOLVER, that’s what YOU are!!!

  26. Who knocked up Tanisha. Was it her father?, one of her brothers?, one of her cousins? or was it the 2008 Dallas Cowboys??? Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “what the fuck was i thinking”?

  27. @25 Thanks Anitalaff. I worry about these kind of things bi-monthly.

  28. Nawww Tanisha’s a drama queen. I’m willing to wager that she hasn’t done a test.

    Who else but a DQ would post that they’re pregnant THE NEXT DAY???

  29. oops ok, perhaps not the next day…. oh buggah

  30. Something is afoot! And if she was so out of it, how do we know she didn’t do anal? Something backfired.

  31. And who are these idiot guys out there not wearing condoms??

  32. Even guys that work on trains wear safety gear! Why can’t these guys who were running a train on Tanisha wear their safety gear? Safety first guys!

  33. Woot. Wooooooooot!!!

  34. What’s the betting that Tanisha just finished her period and still thinks she’s pregnant?

  35. @jelly
    You can still have your period and be pregnant. Counting on a missing period to tell you if you have a bun in the oven isn’t the best of ideas.

  36. OMG I think I’m “pregnent”. Does anyone know any guy I’ve been within a hundred mile radius of??

  37. “Pregnent”
    Geez . . . Where’s Yahoo Answers Caveman when you need him?

  38. Why do i get the feeling that we will be seeing Tanisha on an upcoming eposide of Maury..

  39. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    Can we legally euthanase people like these?

  40. I don’t know, but I’m willing to find out.

  41. This is precisely why I believe in late-term abortion.

    Like… Really late-term. Say, until they’re 25 or so.

  42. really Tanisha? really?

  43. aahhh the stupidity of people has no limts….

    Why oH,Why would you post “we fucked last night but please do tell me what’s your name because I am pregnant” ??? I hope that guy laughs in her face so she can wonder some more….

    Congratulation on your pregnancy btw **

  44. What a thing to post on your facebook….”anyone know the guys name I slept with last night because I’m pregnant.”

    Seriously, I’m ashamed to be classified as the same species as these…things.

  45. I’m with you on this one, “Devil Jin”! :/

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