Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday TypOHs!

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  1. how could i be first? lame.

  2. where’s ben

  3. my head hurts reading that someone should DOS Krystal

  4. Lapis Lazuli Long

    What does I’m great fran(heart) mean?

  5. also ill have a weeding with lots of WOW….

  6. @4 i’m thinking she means that she’s a great FREN (friend?)

  7. No to using parentheses as c’s…

  8. someone should hire Krystal to write up pharmacy spam emails… “BuY (h3ap (1al1s fr0m OuR 0nL1n3 Ph4rm4cy!”

  9. everyone should have weed at their wedding… I do, *cough* *cough* Heeerrrreeee

  10. maybe fran is a person?

  11. also lol at the added became a fan of priceless

  12. Aw man, he’s prickless? Maybe they are just restating their abstinence vows.

  13. Krystal sucks

  14. I think she’s telling “fran” that she’s “great”. She just doesn’t understand the complicated concept that is comma usage. Ironically, she used the semicolon almost perfectly.

    I don’t see why Fran would care. This chick is obviously drama- and hypocrite- happy and probably has no real friends.

  15. I’m going to take guess that fran=friend??

  16. She’s a great friend?

  17. I never smoked weed on my wedding day, but I sure needed plenty of it to get through the actual marriage.
    It didn’t work though.

  18. Clearly Krystal’s “c” key broke, and she’s had to use “(” instead. Once you start doing that, it’s a slippery slope to typing like a complete toolbox.

  19. I’m trying word… somedays it works better than others

  20. LOL pacman, yeah Krystal would make a great Nigerian scam artist.

  21. Chewbacca shagger

    It does my head in to ead crap like that. Do they know that it’s just as easy to type the propper word than to use that shite? Me thinks not.

  22. Can you say hyp0(rite?

  23. Nothing says love like a middle finger and poor spelling

  24. The G1 (written) test is the first of three tests to get you’re driver’s licence in Ontario. With that spelling, I would be concerned about passing it too!

  25. God, I hate people who type like Krystal. Seriously. I hate them. They are deserving of contempt. They don’t give a shit whether they’re understood. That is so antisocial, in the most basic sense of the word, and we are social animals. It is seriously messed up, to not care whether you’re understood.

    Message to Krystal and all others like her: When you write like that, people use the voice of a barely sentient, mostly braindead idiot to translate what you write into their head. Inside all our brains, your garbled troglodyte keyboard-hammering makes Corky sound like Neil Degrasse Tyson. People know you for the slack-jawed, uncaring, waste-of-space moron you are. If you don’t care about that, then fine. Carry on.

    God, I hate that kind of bullshit “writing.”

    Also, when you can’t spell, people will resort to phonics to wring some meaning from your moon-man text. “This lovey prickless.” Is that really what you wanted to say about your boyfriend?

    Fuck off, youth of America.

  26. @ TurkeyVulture:
    Amen. I was going to be ironic and type a response in that style, but it hurt my brain just to work it out. When I read stuff written like that, the voice in my head is a halting 3-year-old valley girl.

  27. I think I may partake in some weeding later on this evening. It’s been a long day.

  28. yourinevitabledemise

    HA! Slim, the fact that they did it twice means they really mean it… Best Weeding Ever. And, don’t any of these people ever LOOK at what they’re about to say before they say it? I mean, I thought one of the major advantages of the internet is the ability to censor one’s self so they don’t look like a stupid-head.

  29. It bothers me that I could read Krystal’s status without even having to think about it. I have been far to exposed to such type and need to go read the dictionary or something.

  30. Maybe Krystal joined that group to tell dem dey r bein ttly unfr 2ppl hu cn tipe lyk dey wnt 2. Fnx.

  31. Is that kid in the last pic Theo Huxtable?

  32. I hope Krystal falls down an open manhole cover sometime.

  33. She should definitely look up hypocrisy in the dictionary, but sadly, hyp0(i5y wouldn’t even be listed. 🙁

  34. I’m sure Krystal only joined that group so she could post on its wall “ERR1 SHUTTT I KIN T4LK L1K3 TH12 IF I WAN 2. 8NT NE1 GUnNA 2T0P M3 ITS FASB00K YO

  35. left parentheses are substitutes for Cs now? awesome.
    now all i need is some pricless lovee. sigh. one day.. one day.


  36. @ #28…hahaha you called her a stupid-head. That may be a child’s retort to almost everything upsetting, but it actually does fit in this situation.

  37. The weeding one is funny… “Choose one [of] our weeding package[s] and save [pounds].” Considering what the munchies do to a body, this is great. “you are weeding” Yes, I hope this was written by a Marketing major who complains about having to take GenEd English.

  38. @35: pri(eless?

  39. I hate you Krystal!

    LMFAO @ Jordan!

    Well, I know where to go for my dress when I decide to plan my weeding! I hope they let me design it myself. *rolls eyes*

  40. Seriously, with frans like Krystal, who needs enemies?

  41. shouldn’t it be ‘pricelessss’?

    why use brackets instead of the letter ‘c’? It must take her ages to type things! I wonder if she was thinking of someone called Fran

  42. Why the hell do people type like that? If they’re stupid, doesn’t mean the rest of the world should dumb down to try to read their bullshit.

  43. lol

  44. Love isn’t love if you’re not willing to give photographers the finger.

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