Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lamebook Halloween: Picture This

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  1. So… did the pumpkin rape the other pumpkin in the mouth? Is it shocked because it ejaculated? Is the other pumpkin crying because of the taste? Did it swallow?

  2. I am amused -.-

  3. Whoever photoshopped that guys stomach, they decided he didn’t need a belly button or any tone and definition on one half of his stomach.

  4. amtrak4lovers: I wouldn’t jump to conclusions like that, he might have been the product of an ‘immaculate conception’, or maybe he’s an alien.

  5. Good pics!

  6. Throwingtofu made me laugh, which is more than can be said for any of the pictures. @Anorexic: my best guess is “i told you i hate zucchini”.

  7. Anorexic, I don’t know, but if a girl started crying during/after blowing me it would entirely ruin the experience. That pic seems more disturbing than funny.
    Unless maybe she’s saying ‘What is that big green rash on the side? You slept with my friend with all the STDs? How COULD you!??!’

  8. To the person who posted the first picture, Ummm that’s a broom…what was your nasty mind thinking?? :-/

  9. 1 and 3: HILARIOUS!!! 😀

    2: Love pregnancy pics but that…genre I guess..of them is getting kinda boring. Woulda been much better without the dude holding a pumpkin as well. :/

    #3: I guess she’s crying cuz that zucchini cock is SO FRICKIN HUGE?? o.O “You want me to do WHAT with THAT?!” Fucking genius all around though, I love it! 😀

  10. Oh and I forgot: Jack-Off-Lantern.

    (No, it doesn’t truly apply to this situation but I felt it was fitting enough. xP) [/lameness]

  11. The pregnancy one would be cute if it was a snapshot and if the dad wasn’t holding a pumpkin. My belly’s a big canvas for the other kids whenever I’m pregnant and we always take pictures. But for a formal photoshoot it looks lame. And like it was done with buttercream frosting.

  12. That’s one dirty witch. She’s enjoying that by the sneaky smile on her face.

    #2 is a cute idea, except her belly could have been painted a whole lot better. What is that stuff? Looks like it feels disgusting.

    @ Douchetastic – you sound like you’ve been pregnant a million times?

  13. It looks like the pumpkin is about to come, and the other one is like “Holy fuck!”.

  14. @anorexicpanda – hahaha I didn’t even think the last one was funny until I read your comment. That’s perfect haha 😀

  15. #1 She’s holding her magic flying sick stick, you dip shit.

    #2 The more I see this, the less I want to bear a child later in life.

    #3 Maybe it came in the shocked one’s eyes, and that’s why it’s crying.. Brings a whole new meaning to popping out pumpkin seeds and making pumpkin juice.

  16. ROTFL @ Keona!!

  17. Meant dick stick* Meh, whatevs.

  18. Keona, I don’t want kids, both because they are annoying little bastards and so my wife doesn’t have to swell up like a hippopotamus with a glandular problem and then pass an object larger than a bowling ball through her vagina.
    #3 would have been much funnier if it looked like a facial rather than a tear.
    Is there such a thing as pumpkin juice? I’ve never seen it.

  19. curlybap, only seventeen or eighteen times. I’ve lost count.

  20. if everyone’s wondering what that “tear” is in #3, I believe they’re going for an “anime” feel and it’s actually a “sweat-drop emotion”

    basically, she really wants that zucchini dick

  21. @sammy420 Kawaii. 😀

    @mad2 I believe there is. I was mostly going for a juicy jizz joke, but there /could/ be pumpkin juice… don’t worry too much for your wife’s fun hole. The vagina can regain it’s original tightness…it just takes about seven years of nothing poking it but an OBGYN.

  22. @Sammyt420

    Pretty sure it’s a tear, the eyes don’t look like the eyes that accompany anime sweatdrops. Besides those usually appear just above the eye.

  23. I remember Twylla. She gave me an apple when I was trick or treating. Justice needed to be served. But really, who cries when you smash their pumpkin?

  24. Also, throwingtofu:
    the immaculate conception is NOT the virgin birth! Immaculate conception refers to a conception which occurs via a sperm and an egg from two human parents, but miraculously without the usual transmission of original sin through concupiscence/what have you. Virgin birth is when a girl needs to explain how she’s unmarried and knocked up in a conservative patriarchal society. I mean, it is when there’s no human father involved in the conception.

  25. HAHAHA!! ^ Love ^

  26. Pumpkin in last photo looks like he’s about to spill his seed…
    In the mouth which is the safe bet, otherwise you just end up making girls fat like Twllya in the second photo.

  27. I think the Twylla pic is adorable…it’s something I would have done if I were still pregnant in October.

  28. I think it’s adorable too. I did the same thing while I was pg. I was 33 weeks or so at halloween.

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