Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lamebook Halloween: It’s Personal

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  1. I’m 100% against violence against women. But if you’re going to punch a woman in the face, make it Rihanna.

  2. Halloween is for Cunts.

    Anita is uptight. Before i shove abroom handle up somebodys gaping gut gap I always make sure that it has been properly sterilised.

    That way it’s always a clean sweep.

  3. .. so that’s not really ‘100%’ then?

  4. No, it’s like, I’d rather you not punch any woman. But if you have to punch one…
    Besides it was a joke. I can’t stand Rihanna, however.

  5. …so not really “a joke” then?

  6. When I googled “Harry on a broom” I just got a bunch of Harry Potter stuff. While that did upset me, it didn’t seem to call for parental controls… Anita is a nerd.

  7. Ha, I was watching that Charlie Brown thing on ABC last night. It’s awesome and all, but fuck ABC for running adverts showing Charlie Brown saying stuff like ‘word’ talking about how his Halloween special is ‘whack’ (he may not have said that last one).

  8. ABC (owned by Disney nowadays) is whack. perhaps Anita was disturbed by this Google result: “Harry Potter Vibrator: The page is titled ‘New Harry Potter Broomstick A Vibrator For Kids?’ I’ve copied it here because it don’t know how long it will be posted at …” i have to agree, she is both uptight and a nerd.

  9. Maybe if she pulled the broomstick out of her ass…

  10. @lametothemin Nah, she likes it, the selfish cunt. She wants all the broomstick sites to herself..

    Matt, you need a visit from Charlie Brown. Or am I thinking of Lucy?

  11. Heeeeey leave Rihanna alone! 😛 Gotta admit she beats Lady Gaga by a mile, right? And this is coming from Lady Gaga fan, no less. (yes, I admit it. Why? I dunno.)

    Agreed, though, Anita’s an uptight and probably frigid bitch.

    And if Chris Brown’s gonna beat up anyone, it should be Matt. It’d serve his ass right.

    And Sonya…poor Sonya needs help. Agreed with Eleanor though.

  12. Shelley, what are you talking about? Gaga is WAY better than Rihanna!
    Ok I don’t really care that much for either. But still Gaga is way better.
    Also Rihanna is kind of fugly. And yet for some reason people think she’s hot. Very strange.

  13. Ehh?? Rihanna is GORGEOUS! And so is Gaga, but still I think Rihanna is more attractive. I have a bit of a girl crush on both of them, but Rihanna just a little bit more. 😛

  14. @shelley PLEASE, how is lady gaga gorgeous???
    have you ever seen her without make up? i think a baboon’s ass looks nicer than her face, seriously.

  15. Rihanna is to a baboon’s ass as the medusa is to Helen of Troy.

  16. @mad2physicist haha. i don’t think rihanna is ugly. i don’t reckon she’s very gorgeous either, but definitely not ugly. lady gaga is WAY worse looking than rihanna and i’ve hated her ever since she wore that ‘meat-dress’ anyway.

  17. SweetZombieJeebus

    Rhianna is a giant forehead with arms and legs.

  18. “Harry on a broom” returned a photo of what looks like a little girl, naked from the waist down, astride a vibrating broom. I can see how that would upset some people.

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