Friday, October 29, 2010

A Lamebook Halloween: HalloWIN!

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  1. Wow! what a pumpkin! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  2. Would have been funnier if Robert covered himself in fish.
    Or is he implying there’s an STD involved?

  3. I’m gonna go as a teen mom. easy enough for me lol.

  4. Robert’s intimate knowledge of his sister’s vagina is rather disturbing.

  5. I have to agree with you on that one, tofu.

  6. Halloween is for cunts.

    In answer to the precocious candy begging children, who stand screaming ‘trick or treat!’ at my door I often respond…

    ‘Both!’ and answer the door with my cock hanging out.

  7. Awesome pumpkin!

  8. When I read the first one, I immediately thought of the 80s cartoon Jem.

  9. I plan to keep the kids away by playing Gary Glitter tunes loudly and leaving a pair of silver stacked platform boots outside the front door

  10. wtf!

  11. Depends on how Courtney is using “outrageous” Mike; sex could have been behind doors 1 AND 2.

  12. rightfully so, delta.

    outrageous in this case was in relation to the amount of hot pink tulle.

  13. Me too, Delta.

    Robert: gross.

  14. Comments, she clarified that she was referring to her costume.

  15. Yey funny posts! #2 is brilliant. Well done Jennifer – scooping out a pumpkin made me feel sick – won’t be doing that again :S

  16. Octomom was definitely a win. Robert…that made me retch a little, you disgusting fuck. I bet you’re going to grate yourself all night long when you get home..

  17. Mike’s a smart guy!

    Octomom pumpkin FUCKING WINS for sure!!! 😀 Lamebook is now a little less lame!

    Robert is just…ew. How on Earth should you know what YOUR SISTER’S vagina looks/smells like? Unless she’s like pouring smelly infectious cheese from her cunt and it’s making its way underneath your door? But, barring that..just, EW!!

    LMFAO @ “grate”

  18. Robbie’s also going to be shredding it up…himself, that is, to the though of his sister’s lovely Gouda cooch.. 😉

    (Even I think I went too far there…exit stage left.)

  19. Gross. But unfortunately you’re probably right. :/

  20. Thank you lamebook.
    More Robert, less octomom.

  21. Wow. If my brother ever made any remark about my hoo-ha, I would have to fill a Hefty bag with vomit. Seriously, Rob. Not cool.
    First two=kinda win.

  22. I’m also not getting the parallel with lady gaga? Anyone?

  23. @ Blaziken Lady Gaga wore a meat dress to the September 12th MTV Video Music Awards.

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