Friday, October 8, 2010

FANtastic Friday!

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  1. Fucking a man.

  2. Is the Chinese one a Simon Munnery joke? Or is it someone else?

  3. WTF why isn’t the Pope’s identity protected? I am ashamed of you Lamebook.

  4. For the reference of people outside the UK, year 8s aren’t 8 years old. It’s the second year of secondary school, so they’re 12 – 13. Still wrong, of course.

  5. Unless Melanie is in the US and she means 8th grade. Then I don’t know how old they are. I could look it up, but it’s still not 8 years old.

  6. 8th graders in the US are also 13-14 I think. At least I was….:-/

  7. #1 if this was an Australian post I’d be thinking uh oh another Corey Worthington disaster.
    The average age of those kids would be 13-14 bit still EEEWWW!!!

  8. *but*

  9. The wording of the invitation seems somewhat contradictory.

  10. Wallace is everywhere suddenly . #4 thanks for pointing that out, we would have been too dumb to figure it out otherwise

  11. I just signed up to say I go to school with Melanie and her party is not going to be very massive because there are only 19 year 8s at our school!!! (also, Greg is the only gay boy at our school so his only option for putting his weinis into something is melanie’s dad)

  12. Today’s addition to the ‘you’re an unoriginal cunt’ pile:

    Jokes about the pope being a paedophile.

  13. I enjoyed the chinaman joke, by the way.

  14. The last one is a reference to The Inbetweeners, in case anyone didn’t know. They do have some brilliant one-liners.

  15. Long time stalker of comments (right back to Ben, etc) but never bothered to get an account. Anyway, I don’t get why Greg’s comment is funny, it’s just gross and kinda evil! The pope bit is quite old but funny.

  16. “Anyone is invited but only people[…]”

  17. ‘If she fücks like she complains’
    You mean long, loud, and hard? Does sound like a treat:)

  18. Seconded, Hobo.

    They were marginally funny in the beginning. Now: meh.

  19. @mad2, lol yeah, and alot too!

  20. What’s wrong with loving your mom and being single? Am I missing something? I mean, when I was single, I still loved my mom?
    And I really want to join that chinese group. It made me lol.

  21. Oh and #2 – it’s apparently Tommy Cooper

  22. The Chinese one is actually a joke by Tommy Cooper which is practically decades old.

  23. YAY, I’m featured on Lamebook!
    Not sure wheather that’s good thing or not, anyway, mine’s the pope one.
    My account got deactivated a few days after that event closed down…sad times, but epis trolling on the page.
    p.s that even had about 67k people attending 🙂

  24. A joke about the pope being a pedophile =/= epic trolling.

  25. Hobo, first you start the ‘complain about the purse meme’ meme, now you are going to start a ‘complain about pope pedophilia jokes meme’ meme…
    Not that I disagree with you on either point. Besides, the pope is not a pedophile, his minions are.

  26. The Chinese joke is actually from tim vine, falsely credited to tommy cooper.

  27. Charlotte FTW even if it was a bit rude. and i’m thinking a party with only 8-year-old high school students will be a little queer to say the least. at # 4… it’s really much less funny when you point that out.

  28. at # 25: can i start the complain about the complaints about people complaining about memes meme meme?

  29. @acid Ahh thanks, i was wondering where I’d heard that lately. inbetweeners = effing genius

  30. #26 it may not be Tommy Cooper but it’s definitely not a Tim Vine original. I was hearing variations on that joke in the 80s.

  31. dirtylittlepretty

    anything that was funny here, has been destroyed by now.

  32. It was a mercy killing

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