Thursday, March 31, 2011

Private Practice

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  1. The world is fucked when I’m first to comment on 2 consecutive posts

  2. Whats that “Dislike This” button on the top post? That’d save me a lot of time spent on finding creative ways to tell people they’re morons.

  3. The world is fucked because people like Stephen exist. I expect a female to be willing to swallow my salty yogurt in either of their gaping holes on a first date.

  4. What the fuck does lmbo jk mean?

  5. I’ll happily tick the 3rd box- no fucking way!

    Sorry firrip, mofo, … etc

  6. How do you get a “Dislike This” link?

  7. There’s a “salad tossing” joke somewhere in Hope’s. I’m not clever enough to find it, though.

  8. The dislike button is a third-party extension available through a few sources. I tried one that was an add-on from Firefox but gave it up when I realized that only friends who use Firefox and have installed the add-on could see it.

  9. What is a 10 pd baby?

  10. CommentsAtLarge

    Vickie seems bothered by the face that it took longer than 15 min and kept her from facebook… troubling.

  11. Well fuck me sideways. Talk about TMI. And taint? So many things wrong with this post.

  12. curlybap where did you hear ‘fuck me sideways’?…

  13. ifitwerentformyhorse

    Girls that give blowjobs are fucked in the head? Good to know. Looks like Uncle Stephen there has never gotten one and that’s the excuse his old broad uses.

  14. #13 Stephen means “fucked in the head” in a more literal sense.

  15. Something’s wrong with Stephen. I have never encountered a guy who was against blowjobs….

  16. I must be fucked in the head. I’m glad someone told me.

  17. sotfl ive heard fuck me sideways from one of the “blade” movies

  18. ^^^that’s been around for a good while mate

  19. CommentsAtLarge

    ditkachick, you reference Da Coach in your name and aren’t afraid of the bee-j; I’m pretty sure you’d only be considered “fucked in the head” in Stephen’s warped reality.

  20. Elizabeth, lmbo jk means “laughing my butt off” and “just kidding”. How do you manage to even get onto the internet if you’re too stupid to google? I’m surprised you can use a mouse.

  21. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    Jesus Christ with these Wallaces.

  22. The “no longer agreeing” is the same as the unlike button when the user is in Pirate language… the poster must be the one who liked it.

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