Monday, November 21, 2011

Give This Kid an A

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  1. Actually illegal search and seizure only applies to the government, not private citizens.
    Also, government agents don’t get punished for illegal search and seizure, the evidence is simply considered inadmissible.

  2. Which is totally unconstitutional…

  3. @mad2physicist

    Congratulations, you sure showed that grade schooler.

  4. What does That teacher mean by ‘they’? His students, or the gubment?

  5. @mad2physicist
    I 2nd ‘Lame…..’s” comment- trying to show up a little kid- people like you (and comments like yours) make my eyes bleed.

  6. First, if I were grading that kid, I’d be taking off massive points for such an error. That kid should get an F.
    Second, clarifying the Bill of Rights in a public forum could be useful. For example, if some ignorant douche of a grade-school child reads the website, they will now be better informed. Or if a foreigner reads it (although they probably know more about US Constitutional Law than most Americans) they will now be better-informed.
    I only wish the eye-bleeding was not hyperbole…

  7. The kid did pretty well, I think — better than the typoing teacher (“provide and example”).

  8. The kid was just upset; thinking about the man purse

  9. fuck off mjcj, it’s people like you who made lamebook the way it is today.
    fucking soccer moms.

  10. I keep my keys, wallet, cell phone, and lip balm in my man purse. Mr Reppert should not be bringing weapons to school.

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