Thursday, March 22, 2012

Brushing Up on Old Times

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  1. good, good.. let the hate flow through you.

  2. Well at least it was his own toothbrush.

  3. If Ashley was such a good hearted person, she’d have chowed down.

  4. A lot of guys like that… because it feels good. A lot of girls do too, and they don’t even have a prostate to stimulate. This is so meh as to not be worth keeping a secret.

  5. dat bitch is coold

  6. dat bitch be coooooold…

  7. i think maybe she is a little angry

  8. i wonder what side of the toothbrush he stuck in…

  9. why would ash’s ex let a prize like her slip through his fingers? wack broke ass nigga.

  10. Them niggas be liking it in the ass

  11. christopherlovet

    Another scorned girl embarrasses herself on a public forum. Yawn.

  12. Most people like it (something, anything) in the ass… Those who don’t, either haven’t tried, or didn’t know how to…

  13. I’d be pissed off too. Dude hasn’t brushed his rectum since he was 13 and he wants her to “eat his fat, hairy ass out”.

  14. I love the fact that she has taken quite a bit of time to type what is, in Facebook terms, quite a lengthy comment, but still feels the need to abbreviate a lot of her words.

  15. Any relation to the other Ashley from a few posts back?

    After all, they do share the same name, maybe she also posted this before digging for what we decided was one of them fake rocks out of his arse by double fisting around for a bit…Makes perfect sense…ass fetish? Hiding rings up there? Maybe that was the only was he could get her to do it…Brings the meaning of gold digger to a whole new twisted level.

  16. Is there any non-literal way of taking that last statement? I mean, we’ve already ascertained that this whacked, broken-assed dude likes anal stimulation during otherwise heterosexual play.

    I’m going to have to ask the anti-joke chicken about this one.

  17. Gonzo, after pondering an answer for a couple seconds, I regret to inform you that the answer to your question is probably no. I was merely making a poor reference to the other thread for all lamebook comment section virgins that just started an account to complain about Ms. and maybe didn’t catch it the first time. And I don’t remember which thread was complaining about silly symbols, but…hash this #My comment was lame AND pointless to boot, and so is this one. At this point I’m just typing nonsense to take up space! #wastingmorespace 😀

  18. ^has anyone told you that you should get a blog?

  19. Not directly, Ms., but the silliness my prefrontal cortex feeds on suggests that you’re passive aggressively hinting at it? oOh, that’s what lamebook needs, screw the racism, letz all be super duper passively insulting. Fuck, won’t work, worth a shot?, must start making sense, Capn…off to sleep…#bloggingaway! My god, if my last post made no sense and wasted fucktons of space…

  20. ^ That fucker was drunk again.

  21. nah. he’s a skeezy junkie. come away from him – you might get hepatitis.

  22. Yeah, wtf. I don’t drink! SHHH MS. IT’S POSEDTA BE A SECRET!

  23. soz. junkies are always complaining about my rampant indiscretion.

  24. Do you inject into your cock’s dorsal vein to hide your habit, Capn?

  25. Nah, the dorsal fin is too much, never was big on secrets. Inject that shit straight into my eyeballs!

  26. Dorsal… fin? Don’t tell yt that you’re a mutant.

  27. yt knows.

  28. JC knows..

  29. Well, then, it’s settled. Now EVERYBODY fucking knows! I just have to find someone to slap it with now…

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