Friday, September 10, 2010

End of the Week Wins

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  1. Bah ha ha ha Hazel FTW

  2. I wish my mum was as cool as Hazel.

  3. I wish my raisins were in Hazel’s face. <3

  4. I don’t get the first one. Palin hates Muslims and loves book-burnings so there is no reason why she’d defend anything.

  5. I don’t get the second one. Curse you, current affairs jokes! *shakes fist*

  6. Bye!

  7. I wish my raisins were in industrial toothpaste. What the hell is industrial toothpaste?

  8. Palin’s response to the book burning pissed me off. I keep seeing people talk about how insane and evil and hateful she is, then I saw her condemn the book burning, saying it was wrong.
    I thought ‘oh, it turns out people were wrong about her. She’s a nice normal, reasonable human being, who understands that Terry Jones is a FUCKING RETARD’.
    Then she added ‘wrong, just like building a mosque on Ground Zero’.


  9. silly sideshow, industrial toothpaste is for kids.

  10. I also don’t understand the second one.

    And Terry Jones is a fuck-head. A stupid, stupid fuck-head. I hope someone less mental than him lights a Bible on fire and straps it to his face.

  11. NB: Please don’t point the hypocrisy, I’m well aware of it.

  12. I don’t get the second one either. I feel old.

  13. @BritishHobo
    Politics man…..they’re the worst.

  14. I agree completely, Hobo. Terry Jones is cruisin fer a fatwa bruisin.

  15. Unfortunately I did get the second one, and now that song is spinning in my head. My slight hangover and that song just don’t mesh well.

  16. @eenerbl
    Are the A&F and chinese food references lines from a song or something? I know that LFO is a band and Rich Cronin is the lead singer that died of leukemia but i don’t get the rest.

  17. Asal? Means donkey in Irish strangely.

  18. lex, yes it’s the song lyrics from their most popular song. From the late 90’s if I’m not mistaken.

  19. aaanyway, eid mubarak everybody 🙂

  20. Feel bad the guy died and all but I hate that damn LFO song.

    I think it’s great that Hazel didn’t get all offended and preachy, but turned it around on that kid instead. Even if it does insinuate that she has first hand knowledge of the boy’s raisins.

  21. Last one was OK

  22. sorry if i’m being cynical, hobes (!), but ‘lol’ at you constantly harping on about your love for, and extolling the virtues of, america, whilst at the same time declaiming against terry jones. now i’m not saying terry jones represents the majority of americans; he’s in a tiny, tiny, trifling insignificant minority; most americans, and indeed almost every american poster on here, being rounded, intelligent people. however, i ask you this – would a qu’ran burning even be conceived in england….? don’t think so.

  23. @alordsloums

    Sorry but I refuse to believe that in the last 9 years nobody in this country has burnt a quran.

  24. What I don’t understand is, if you’re going to burn qurans, you have to get qurans, which means buying qurans and thus supporting their production.
    Comments, the problem is that ‘balls deep’ refers to the shaft being fully buried, and even if his balls are raisins, the shaft could be large. A better insult would have been ‘For you balls deep is about 1 cm.’

  25. Only in the US can you be dumb and rich — or dumb and middle class. Here we like to let our idiots on Tv and praise them for it. Good job UK for hiding your morons and eurotrash far from sight. How can we learn this trick?

  26. many many years of practice.

  27. greenstrings –

    and publicised it? not happened. if you burn a qu’ran in the privacy of your bedroom it’s your business, and you won’t get fatwa’d to fuck unless there’s a muslim hiding in your cupboard (a bit like reds under the bed, that). what’s the sound of one hand clapping…?


  28. Noted, but my point was that an English Qu’ran burning isn’t so inconceivable.

    Trust me, I’ve only recently escaped from the bible bashing circus that is pentecostalism, and I can say that the attitude of a lot of Christian’s to Islam would give the bible belt a run for its money in terms of sheer ignorance.

    I’m just saying, we ain’t that slick.

  29. To be fair, Mohammed did say that women are at best half as smart as men and that most of the people in hell are women. The Islam religion has its share of misogyny. And Islam’s record of organized violence definitely gives the crusaders a run for their money (just look at how it spread through Africa and Spain and such).
    Of course, some branches of Christianity are pretty misogynistic too, although not all.
    On the flip side, some later muslim rulers were fairly tolerant of freedom of religion (and some weren’t). And so were some Christian rulers. I suppose jackasses can get involved in almost any religion. But to return to the original point, there is an undercurrent of misogyny in some islamic teaching.

  30. So to summarise: most of modern religion is rather shitty. Atheism for all! *tosses confetti*

  31. I must admit that I feel a little awkward…

    I never realised that the little arrangement between Shae and myself would be made public like this!

    A lobster lunch in exchange for a tongue up my bum seemed like a fair swap at the time, but ultimately left me feeling unsatisfied and used.

  32. alord, I kinda see your point, but if we’re talking intolerant, racist shitfucks, they’re over here in abundance, man. Every country has their fair share of complete asshats, but America also has my fiancee and the IHOP, so it wins for me at least :p

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