Friday, September 10, 2010

Tip Top Type

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  1. Ben

    Apparently? Here I was under the assumption Harvard was a prestigious school you needed to aim for from the age of 15…

  2. i wonder if the girl in number two can bark like a dog? her tattoo quite possibly would look better with my spoof obscuring it.

  3. I am definitely not prepaid for my work day.

    alord, you gave me a interesting mental picture, but I put her on all fours in my head.

  4. matthias seems to have a bright career in law ahead of him their.

  5. That lakers girl has a 5 o’clock shadow or something. It’s freaking me out.

  6. I was under the impression that was a lakers boy.

  7. Ah, spelling mistakes. That rich, untapped mine of humou… Oh. Wait.

  8. Oh, I get it now. 90% of people who graduate can’t spell “graduate”.

    Look Lamebook, if i wanted to see spelling mistakes i’d look at job applications. These aren’t funny. You have to be getting better stuff than this.

  9. @alordslums, “spoof?” Do you have faux spooge which is a mockery of the real thing?

    Also what a stupid tattoo.

  10. hehehe the lakers guy(?) looks like he(?) pissed him(?)self.

  11. lex, it’s probably a combination of beer, semen and urine. He looks like he has one of those nights. Lucky bastard! I’m telling ya, those yellow Lakers shirts are like magnets for spillage!

  12. That girl’s tattoo just makes me sad on so many levels. 🙁

  13. Lakers guy must have gotten a little over-excited at tattoo girl touching his chest and popped off early. Probably didn’t alter the night’s outcome though, as he looks like he’d have a serious case of drunk dick. No worries tattoo, you’ll have other chances to give him the full court press. This to shall pass.

  14. I feel like the “to” and “too” mistakes are a common issue with this tattoo, a chick on my FB has the exact same misspelling. But, I was polite enough to let her know she was a fucktard and missing that second “o”, with obviously more tactful language…she still doesn’t get it. Gotta love those who refuse to spell check their shit…or hit up a second grade classroom and ask for a proof reader.

  15. For some reason, that he/she in the yellow shirt really annoys me.

  16. I believe that Shannon Menard too the first picture in NJ.

  17. crap! TOOK

  18. Please excuse my stupidity… that comment was for the next group up… Sorry, please, carry on.

  19. #14 – So you’ve told her and she hasn’t added an extra ‘o’?

    I don’t think she’s really your friend =P

  20. I think you are all misreading her tattoo. It’s not the word “to”; it’s an acronym. Spelled out, it would read “This tough one shall pass”. She’s encouraging her digestive system. Duh.

    Some capitalization would have saved us all a lot of trouble here.

  21. Her tattoo reads “This to shall pass” which should read “This too shall pass” it is not an acronym…. it is a miss spelling.

  22. has no one else noticed that in the second post, leah spelled “tuition” as “tutiton”???

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