Friday, February 28, 2020

Long In The Truth

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  1. Don’t try using logic on vegans.

  2. The Beast Among Us

    Two dogs, a horse, and a human as her examples. No cats, chicken, fish, pigs, monkeys, apes, rodents, etc. And the human in the picture has very short “fangs.” I, for one, have much more prominent canine teeth, or “fangs.” If she had used a picture of my teeth, it would be quite obvious that human teeth can be used for tearing flesh.

  3. There is little controversy in the medical field that human physiology is equipped for a diet of mostly plants. The long intestinal tract is there to process high amounts of vegetable fiber. Some meat is fine, and is often the only source of heme iron, but without generous amounts of vegetable fiber, excess meat can cause intestinal distress or disease.

    There were moments in human history when exclusive consumption of meat was needed for our collective survival, and this was when environmental changes interrupted access to plant food sources. Take this as a guideline. Meat is best consumed when needed for survival.

    There is little in life that is black and white. Eat a varied diet of mostly plants for optimal health. Select low-additive meats that are responsibly raised with low environmental impact. Be well.

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