Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Happy WINsday

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  1. 3rd one was good….

  2. Walter Sobchak


  3. Hug a Slut Day? Now that is a holiday I plan to celebrate.

  4. Woooooooo
    Is Leslie a girls name? πŸ˜€

  5. Winsday indeed. I still wonder what peoples fascination with Twilight is. Good or bad. It’s still just a movie

  6. @amtrak4lovers
    It’s meant to be, but there are a shit load of guys with that name. I think it’s pretty ghey…

    @Stephan Botha
    The movies are based on the novels, and these are a great success amongst teenage-emo-loser-virgins. Whilst the movies might not be so terrible in themselves, I think it’s because they left out some weird stuff. I don’t know, I only watched the first movie and I will never have the books anywhere less than an arm length away from me.

  7. Leon rules.

  8. I want to know what kind of dogs really eat novels (?) I mean, my dog has an obsession with butter… which is strange… but at least it’s understandable…

    Hug a slut day… lol… Imagine how that would go:

    ::gives slut hug::
    Slut: Why are you hugging me?
    Me: Well, it’s apparently National Hug a Slut Day!! ::big grin::

  9. @amtrak4lovers and Makster. Leslie is the male variant and Lesley the female one. There really isn’t a problem.

    And Janan is wrong, jumping off walls is the easy part. It’s the landing Jonathan is going to find difficult.

  10. @Derek There wouldn’t be a problem if it was a girl either (although the fucking of the mum might have been slightly different logistically), I was just curious πŸ™‚

  11. My theory is that the pages if Twilight are riddled with crack, so once you start, you can’t stop. I used to love the books…til I saw the movie…that just ruined everything.

  12. @Derek, whilst I believe you and all, don’t you see there’s a bit of a problem with that? Here’s an example:

    Guy meets another guy
    1: “Hi, my name is Peter. What’s your name?”
    2: “My name is Leslie”
    1: “Lol, you have a girl’s name”
    2: “Wrong, because my name is spelled L-E-S-L-I-E and not L-E-S-L-E-Y”
    1: “Oh you’re right, my bad, don’t see how I didn’t notice that”

  13. I live in the vicinity of the red light district , would they let me hug them for free on the hug a slut day ?

    Or are professional sluts not included in the setup ? Somebody please enlighten me because this could quickly turn in to mu all time favorite day

    Who cares about a fat man yelling ho ho ho when there is a day made for hugging … well euh … Hoes

  14. When is hug a slut day? I have to make sure my calender is clear.

  15. I see no reason not to make it… let’s say… today. Now, ee, are you going to be hugging sluts, or are you suggesting that you should be receiving hugs?

  16. Bulldog, receiving hugs. Only if done today though, Wednesdays are my slutty days. Any other day and I’ll have to dish them out.

  17. @ Makster The books were popluar with more than just the “teenage-emo-loser-virgins”, I love the books and only fit into one of those four things. I just refuse to watch the movies since watching the first horrible one.

    I thought hug a slut day was every day?!

  18. oh and it’s the loser category for loving the damn books

  19. Wednesday is your slutty day? I’ll have to make sure to come visit on hump day.

  20. @fuckmustard
    Well done you for coming out, on lamebook of all places!

  21. Guess so Bulldog, it’s your only window of opportunity.

  22. i used to be a loser until i bought a three wolf moon t-shirt.

  23. The only one?

  24. Leslie FTW

  25. I’ve never seen a girl named Lesley, but I do know several named Leslie.

  26. I actually laughed at the second one

  27. Leslie and Adam’s mom, oh yeah…..

    Honestly though, every woman is a slut, and I mean that in the best way possible.

  28. LEON FTW!!!!!

    And Makster, did you seriously type the work GHEY???? That was super gay of you

  29. word*

  30. My dog once ate the face of my sister’s tellytubby doll, it was a pretty traumatic experience for everyone involved.

  31. Leslie was originally a male name, just like Morgan, Kim, Lynn and many others. Now, it can be either/or, but, is moving towards female only. I am female and my name is Leslie.

  32. Lachlan and Leon are amazing

  33. rockinghorsefly

    @katypants – I was thinking it would go more like this:

    ::gives slut hug::
    Slut: Why are you hugging me?
    Guy: Well, it’s apparently National Hug a Slut Day!! ::big grin::
    Slut: Hey, that’s not very nice… wanna fuck?

  34. rockinghorsefly

    @totalpixie – I’m guessing especially traumatic for the teletubby.

    I think I would like to marry Leon, his post made me laugh.


  36. Damn Adam, you got BURNT!

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