Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Not My (Stereo)Type

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  1. Heather’s really an ass.
    Added to which, I find the spelling Maddison unattractive when compared with Madison.
    I know two Katrinas, one White, one Black. Neither stands on a corner.

  2. My son is Braden. He was born 14 years ago…right before the damn -aden/aiden craze hit. So, now it looks like I followed the trend when in fact, I started it. LOL

  3. @Leslie

    The book Freakonomics has a fascinating chapter on the impact and nature of naming children.

  4. @Soup

    This whole conversation reminded me of that chapter.. isn’t Kayla supposed to be among the top names of poor children? I have a niece named Kayla…

  5. @Smeemonkey

    Thanks for the link. My favourite baby boy name so far? Toolio. Unfortunately, I only have a daughter – but I’m now seriously thinking of changing her name by deed poll to Tooliette or Tooliana.

  6. Heather should name her kid Dictionary….oops I mean she should BUY a dictionary.
    She should just give the kid up for adoption….let someone who can spell, name, and raise the child.

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