Thursday, June 24, 2010

Losing Friends

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  1. ben!

  2. ben?

  3. Whoa Dylan, your mother and sister have pics on their facebook worthy of someone’s porn collection? Cool.

    Jamie, under the kitchen sink?

  4. that twilight thing is genuis. i am saving that for the next person who screws me over 🙂

  5. There are some really interesting people out there…….

  6. 1st!!

  7. There ain’t much room under there, Jamie. I checked under mine just to be sure. You’re one limber drunk.

  8. Jack either has some really sucky friends, or he really screwed someone over. That’s just plain mean. O_O

  9. Jack’s is screwed haha. He must have gotten someone good, cuz he does say Touche!

  10. @Wonderbread – that’s not mean..not really at all, it’s actually really funny lol.

    Oh and now I really wanna see Dylan’s mom and sis 😀

  11. It is funny…until it happens to you.

  12. Dylan, don’t mind me, I’m here for the mother, daughter tag-team event. Now go play with your toys.

  13. On another note, if that happened to me, after the first couple of calls when I clue in, I would have done something along the lines of… “yes, yes, the tickets are free. No, you don’t have to pay any money at all. I just require a blowjob and they are yours. Best deal around town, eh?”
    those teeny hoppers won’t know what hit’em.

  14. Boppers*

  15. Yeah, I love that twilight thing. I could imagine doing something similar for Jonas Brothers or Miley Cyrus concert tickets.

    But what he could do, is make another craigslist posting saying that the twilight posting is fake and to stop calling and/or notify craigslist.

  16. once in an I.T. lesson at school, we signed a 16 yr old classmate up for the B.N.P. (British National Party) – a horribly racist fringe british political party).

    it then transpired that as he tried to join the army soon after and fulfil his lifelong dream, he wasn’t allowed because they found out about his affiliation to a questionable political party.


  17. CommentsAtLarge

    Credibility down the stripper pole? Either Dave just donated this month’s car payment to an exotic dancer, or his secret of making his living through the contents of his banana hammock is out.

  18. I’m pretty sure that’s illegal, nuff.

  19. Soup, where are you man? Wonderbread is suddenly telling me that teeny boppers are illegal. Tell me it ain’t so! You said it would all be ok if I did what you said.

  20. Pretty sure Jamie is the one who should reconsider what it means to be a ‘friend’. It’s your own fault for getting too drunk and passing out under the sink, not your friends.

    Whenever I drunkenly do something incredibly stupid and humiliating, I hate on myself. I don’t go up to my friends the next day and go ‘How could you let me drink so much and do that?!’

  21. Nothing wrong with blowjobs for free Twilight tickets. In fact it’s a good deal – a few minutes of sucking in exchange for two hours of it.

  22. Dylan’s friend WTF.
    @vinme win!

  23. OK,they may have left him under the sink, but I’m pretty sure they didn’t pour the drinks down his throat. Besides, he’s in the kitchen, it’s not like he’s on a park bench somewhere….

  24. The last one is an idea stolen from The Daily Show this week.


  25. The only thing lame about Jamie’s post is that it made it through the proper channels and got onto this site. I have no sympathy for drunk people… like ravendamn said he’s lucky to be in the house that he got drunk in. Melena must have seen the G4 report on the oil spill and Camrey must have just watched a Tyler Perry movie.

  26. I don’t get Camrey’s point if she thinks BP stands for black people.
    ‘I don’t like black people but light skinned people have it hard.’ That’s just two unrelated statements regarding the tone of people’s skins.


  27. Did anyone else notice how Dylan says his friend saved his mom and sister’s pics for porn, and his complaint is that he’s SELFISH?

  28. The “yes bitch” ruins everything on this page for me. It just reminds me of those type of girls who call each other “skanks” and put heaps of X’s at the end of everything they write.

  29. I think that Courtney is one of those stupid racist girls that hates dark skinned black people because of how hard they make it for light skinned black people like her, the idea behind it being that darker people tend to act more ignorant and are are more criminal and make it harder for honest light skinned black people to make a living. I shit you not, some people really think this way. There are also dark skinned black people that think light skinned black people steal jobs and act like “they think they something.” As a girl who is half black, I can honestly say I’ve had to listen to the stupid ramblings of light skinned black girls who think I will agree with them because I have light skin because I’m half Puerto Rican, not even realizing that my mother is very dark and very kind and a veteran of the US army who has never stolen anything or committed a crime in her life besides jaywalking. I’ve also been bullied by dark skinned black girls because “I think I’m something,” so I can definitely relate to Melissa. Because sometimes you just want to say “Bitch, please.”

  30. Talk about stupid ramblings…

  31. What did you expect, Jamie? They made sure you ended up in the kitchen where you belong…. I don’t see why she’s so upset.
    Unless Jamie’s a guy. In that case, grow some balls.

  32. I submitted the Dave one. He’s a serious heavy metal fan, with long hair and massive army boots. We went to a night club. He went pole dancing. We filmed it. This was his reaction to the video being posted online 🙂

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