Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give & Take

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  1. Sylvester

  2. I like how James had to specify that it was gay porn, as though it would be perfectly acceptable to view straight porn while masturbating into the potato soup.

  3. CommentsAtLarge

    Tim’s dealer must be named Jesus (Hey-Zeus).

  4. So, wait a minute. Is Tim actually admitting to trading sexual favors for crack on Facebook? Like, is he outting himself? Or is that common knowledge among his “friends,” that he “suck[s] cock for crack”? If it’s the latter, I think I’m actually more intrigued by his circle of friends than by his admission.

  5. I think Tim is making a funny. I don’t have much hope for Fiona though.

  6. geez on the first one.

    Damn the popups!

  7. @Teo, maybe he doesnt care if he’s gay. You do know this is the 21st century, right?

  8. Also, remind me not to order the potato soup.

  9. once again. ew.

  10. for the record, this random names for “first” posts trend is really gay. at least ben had a reason behind it.

  11. James, I hear Shenanigans is hiring. You would fit in perfectly.

  12. poo in my vagina. roflmfao!

  13. Is it Tim gay, or James gay lex?

  14. “Pounding off some knuckle children…” ha ha ha ha. Never heard that one before.

  15. i think both are applicable. maybe thames gay. like sucking cock in a gay porn shoot and masturbating into potato soup.

  16. “Knuckle Children” definitely FTW!
    I’m going to start a second band and now I have a name. Then, I can book both of my bands together so that the flyers would read:

    Knuckle Children
    With Sexy Results

  17. i’m not making any kind of reference to england as a country, so we’re clear. just tim+james=thames.

  18. Ya know, heisenberg, I was kinda hoping Tim’s post was a joke, but after reading some of these other winners, I’m hard-pressed to give them too much credit.

  19. The Hobo gives this a stellar ‘What the fuck?’ out of ten.

  20. 1) It’s ok Fiona. We’ll all be dead in 2 years anyway.

    2) Your parents must be proud, Tim. Your blowjobs better not suck though.

    3) lolwut

    4) Two words: Seek help.

    5) I don’t know why, but this made me laugh.

  21. tim is definite frape, but some of the best ive seen. fiona made me cringe and want to wash for hours

  22. Mmmm… horses.

  23. @wordy, it’s not just for breakfast now!

  24. Damn I read number 1 and the first thing that popped in to my head was Joe Dirt. “I got the poo on me”

  25. Stephan that’s the point Teo was making.

    lexluther 100% agreed!

    Wish I could frape someone’s profile too like Tim’s.

    I don’t really have a point today, just passing by while waiting for the football and randomly saying the first things in my head.

  26. I’m guessing Tim is joking, James made the mistake of not logging out, and Amanda and Fiona are just jackasses trying to get a rise out of people. As far as Phillip…. who gives a shit?

  27. As the poster of tim’s comment I just have to say, yes Tim is a raging homo. Not only that he is also an escort, so no the comment isn’t a joke at all…

  28. Unsung – I imagine the “I know I’m right with Jesus!” part is a joke though, right?

  29. krasivaya_devushka

    Waaaooo crazy people!

  30. Fiona I’m pretty sure there are a lot of girls out there that wipe back to front and most of them haven’t dropped dead. But the image of poo in vag is gonna make me extra careful next time!

  31. slippyslappy, funny, and after reading your comment, I’m sure all the boys on here will think about that the next time they take a visit down town.

  32. Le douche!

  33. E coli in the urethra = fire in the hole

  34. CommentsAtLarge


    “Fire in the hole” is both disgusting and wildly amusing – loved it 😉

  35. Fiona has lots of class, it’s all third though.

    ‘Knuckle children’ is pretty funny but I prefer ‘punching the clown’

  36. @14, 16, 35

    ‘knuckle children’ is from family guy.
    (4th one down)

    almost everything half-funny is poached. i suppose everything ever is poached really. i had an australian/korean girlfriend who used to refer to masturbating as ‘the two-finger tango’. perhaps that’s common in antipodea – but i liked it, anyway.

  37. releasethehounds

    Jesus’s investment in his children was far too great for him to ever abandon you…………unless you sucked cock for crack, then you’re on your fucking own.

  38. Fiona is fishing for attention. If she was really concerned she’d do a sneaky google search for medical information and just keep quiet and hope for the best, like normal people!

  39. tim stole that quote from blue mountain state which is a tv show on spike that is HILARIOUS, there’s a tranny stripper that says that when somebody tries to get her to lie to the popo

  40. I had to use brain power to read :roflmfao by Nokomis. found it kind of annoying, but maybe it is a good brain exercise.

    @lords, thanks for that link, it has gone into my bookmarks. And you were really specific about your girlfriend, did Aus/Korean have any bearing on her choice of words?

  41. I’m glad I don’t have a vagina, I always wipe back to front. Also, I always splooge into my underwear, so I’d feel jipped if I got my single guy allowance of tissues.

  42. Fiona!!! :O :O :O OMG!!!! WTF???

    @redhead – well, if she really is fishing for attention, don’t you think this must be one of the WORST POSSIBLE ways to do it? Fiona – get help. The professional kind. Fast.

  43. @alordslums

    I had a girlfriend who referred to it as ‘playing air banjo’. I always wanted to buy her a Banjo Hero CD – but they didn’t exist and, in those dial-up days, I was too lazy to make one.

  44. well, when Lamebook isn’t being funny, it certainly is being educational….”knuckle kids”???

  45. and another thing…
    who the hell over age 5, wipes back to front!?

  46. Who even bothers wiping?

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