Thursday, June 24, 2010

Folkin’ Up

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  1. What’s classier than measuring your booze out in you babies bottle, photographing the moment (because it’s one of them Kodak moments that you never want to forget.) Then posting it on facebook for everyone else to see how smart you are?

  2. To be fair ‘some people should have been aborted’ is pretty wrong to post where your mother can see it.

  3. Although clearly not this mother.

  4. BH – i don’t think *anything* is wrong for that mother.

  5. well, it seems to work for measuring, so why not

  6. Also is Donella’s Dad the one measuring his drink? He looks like the type to name his child ‘Donella.’ after watching Teenage mutant ninja Turtles and being too drunk to get the name right.

  7. Thought Becky one was nice, little mom humour.

  8. haha @ uoykcuf – That’s a lady, yo! Well…hmm. Let’s say, that’s a female human being. Lady is probably a bit much.

  9. also, i bet you anything Donella’s dad’s name is Don.

  10. You know, I think it’s great that people can be friends with their parents after they’re “all grown up”, but I think Lucy and Karen are a nice example of what happens when that process goes too far.

  11. @pricipop1984 really? I thought it was as in the post above ‘A shining example of what a real man/Dad looks like.’ Wow i’m confused I’ve seen men look much more feminine than that I will now just refer to him/her as ‘it’ as I can’t be too sure? It’s classy though and obviously something for any parental figure to aspire to.

  12. She’s talking about you Lucy. Those stretch marks aren’t going to go away on their own!

  13. The redhead looks like a guy to me… for shame, Donella’s mom/dad. Also, did you really need to measure your booze? I just pour…and pour… definitely gets the job done!

  14. **babys’ mom/dad. Not Donella. Been a long day so far, shh…

  15. CommentsAtLarge

    The only thing that could make that whole exchange more awkward for Lucy is if the person who “liked” her mom’s comment was her dad.

  16. The second one carries a pretty cool sentiment.


  17. A lot of people on here seem to freak out when parents and their siblings have a little banter on Facebook. What’s wrong with having a good relationship with your parents where you can joke with them. Hell, just last week me and my mum were joking about her pimping me out at the hospital she works at (she told people I’m looking for a job, and I’m wiling to do anything). Humour is the spice of life, get with it.

  18. Darnit! What is it with people sneaking in before I post? The first one is just awkward.


  19. Who the hell measures Kahlua?

  20. @word

    people like me who think it tastes awful but like to make white russians

  21. I just eyeball the glass. Black Russians are the way to go though. Those drinks creep up on you and then backstab you at the worst possible moment and you are obliterated.

  22. nuff, I’m with you, milk + alcohol = wrong, but if that’s your thing, Shipoopi, then cheers.

  23. Nothing like a stiff drink to start the day though, eh word?

  24. I sure hope she cleans out the baby bottle.

  25. A stiff drink, a stiff anything, nuff.

  26. Lucy, listen to your mother. Swallowing is good.

  27. @word

    i generally don’t mix milk and alcohol, but i personally find kahlua offensive to the senses

    i’d rather have a good beer, some whisky, or maybe vodka in a thing

  28. Shipoopi, now that’s more like it.

  29. Exactly Word, who the hell measures Kahlua?

    I don’t drink anything stronger than Kahlua but at least I don’t measure it- that makes me feel better about myself btw!

  30. Hobo is it wrong that I have a virtual crush on you?

  31. Is #3 a guy?? He/she/it also gets points for pointing out the obvious. Thanks so much, we wouldn’t get it otherwise, ya’know.

  32. Just to clear everything up, #3 is a girl. I submitted this, this is my grade 3 teacher from long ago.

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