Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Few PhoDohs

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  1. No 1. I wonder if he got confused when asked by police to blow into this. I don’t really see why its so lame, it ma be a group of kids doing it for a laugh.
    Oh I have a lamp you can rub, I wont tell you where I keep it.

  2. What kind of selfish asshole names their child Payne? That’s fuckin stupid. Why not Charlie? or something normal.

  3. It’s actually a very traditional name. However, if you take Julia Sugarbaker’s word for it, they’re named Payne for the way their mothers felt during labor.

  4. Aw, pic number three is cute!

  5. mymomruinedfacebook

    LOL ftw Jarra! He/She said exactly what I was thinkin before I could even say it. “Wow. Looks like shit.” Amazing

  6. hahaha I love that that the kids name is Payne. Just to add to the amusement of his shirt and angry little face.

  7. I’m pretty sure that the guy in photo #1 got pulled over because his vehicle was just attacked by the pink Power Ranger.

  8. Oh, and the dude with the baby on his gun is a douchenozzle and anyone who thinks that that is cute is a douchenozzle as well.

  9. That baby should’ve peed on that guy’s gun. 🙂

  10. I haven’t been on this foreverrr and decided to log on to show some love for the Precious comment. Precious jokes are my favourite… probably because I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t feel like a total ass about it.
    Also, Payne is definitely being added to my list of names I hate list right next to Teagan and Keagan.

  11. So when did balancing babies on body parts become cute? Every time I do it I end up on another sex offender registry.

  12. @ Soup I really hope you’re going to pay for my hospital bill when I split something from laughing at one of your comments.

  13. rockinghorsefly

    @soup – good call. You make me laugh. Unless you’re serious, then it’s just wrong.

  14. Payne actually isn’t that wierd a name and that kid is going to be the one beating up the kid named Charlie
    And my theory on the Taylor cut out (I’m praying this is right) it was just at the prom maybe for the theme and she though it would be funny to dance with him

  15. Paranoid Android

    Pic 3 – Check out the thigh muscle on that baby plus it looks dead, just sayin’.

  16. Chinchillazilla

    When you say “Hey, check out these babies” it is not supposed to involve real babies.

  17. Walter Sobchak

    Yuummmyyy, that nurse can change my position as to prevent bedsores anytime!!

  18. I think the baby one looks weird because that’s not a normal position for a baby that young. They reflexively still flex their elbows and knees when they’re sleeping. I’m staring at it wondering how the hell they got the baby to dangle its appendages like that.
    And Aladdin there has one of those cheap costumes for frat boys where the entire purpose of the costume is “hurr hurr i has a giant dick isn’t that FUNNY!!!”

  19. Pic #3: That guy is a huge douche and the baby is gross. It’s like a cadaver baby… it’s all rigid and wrinkled… *gag*

  20. the baby appears to be a preemie. my friend’s baby was two pounds at birth and barely 4 pounds a month later, and her skin looked loose like this. but don’t blame the baby for the bad photo — it was the father’s apparent douchey-ness 🙂

  21. Yeah, I’m of the opinion that number 3 is creepy.

    Not because the baby is a preemie.

    Not even because the hanging limbs are creepy or the pose is bizarre (although those last two are clearly true). No, it is creepy because it is yet another nauseating not-even-very-good, waste-of-whatever-you-paid-for-it studio shot pasted all over Facebook by smug parents using their baby as an excuse to whip out their flabby belly (you’re not even showing yet!) or flex their muscles (douchebag alert!).

  22. The last pic reminds me of a pic on fail blog, but with edward, not jacob.

  23. I would love to balance myself on that guy’s arm

  24. rebarbativebecc

    I feel sorry for the last one’s poor date who had to put a piece of cardboard in front of himself and move it around.

  25. angel on the sideline

    aww imagine the cardboard babies she might have after her school dance, silly cow

  26. I really like that pic with the baby on the daddy’s arm. That is the best daddy/baby pic I have seen (and very cute Daddy if I may say so).

  27. Taylor isn’t even properly dressed for the prom… how tacky!

  28. I can’t believe I missed these before. 1,3,4,5 are pretty funny. I wished somebody would put a blow up doll on their car here in Hobart. 3 really is lame. 4 is wrong. 5 Jarra is classic, haha.

  29. there have been a few blowup dolls at H2O in ocean city. whoever submitted that is my hero.

  30. In the second one the guy is a genie, and the bottom of his costume is the lamp. She is holding up the spout part.

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