Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Watchoo Talkin’ Bout, Lamebook? (Part 2)

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  1. Ben

  2. ben? i don’t get it but bandwagon… what sucks is sadly it’s another sickipedia joke right there, gay <3

  3. MsBuzzkillington

    Oooh.. this is garycoleman.com.. I see.. I thought it was lamebook.com.

    I must have been redirected.

  4. here we go again. the story of Ben who is Frodo who is herpes:

    One day, not so long ago, Ben posted angry statements about people posting “first” if they were lucky enough to get on first. He ranted and raved. But THEN, Ben started posting “first.” Well, there was quite a backlash and many posters commented negatively about young Ben. BUT THEN, Ben claimed that someone was using his user name. Yes, that’s right there was also a FAKE Ben! Can you believe it?

    Anyway, it was quite fun and many people, to this day, enjoy posting Ben. The Frodo thing only comes into play because I, and others, began posting “Ben is Frodo” which is based on an old Lamebook posting which you can see here: http://www.lurkingglass.com/showthread.php?t=84864&page=9

    The herpes thing comes in because Ben (we think it was the real one, not the Fake Ben) who claims to be a medical student, was posting very lame and very false thing about herpes and how it is transmitted.

    I think that covers all of it but I ask others to add anything I’ve forgotten to include.

  5. Who’s the guy in the photo in number 4?

  6. ^ Emmanuel Lewis.

  7. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  8. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @knobjockey : it’s Websteeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!

  9. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    oops.. on the double entry..

  10. dc, you have a dedication to Ben/Frodo/Herpes like no other.
    I admire your commitment.

  11. Yes dc as much as that story has to be posted I hope you have it saved somewhere so you can copy/paste it in.

  12. I’m glad he’s the one to tell the tale. He does a great job summarizing all the facts. Good Job!

  13. Can people really not know who Gary Coleman was?

  14. I love dc.

  15. @wordpervert: thank you for your kind words.
    @kaytee: did that a while ago!
    @eenerbl: thanks, i so love the story.
    @Zoned: love you too!

  16. fuck off with the gary coleman jokes.

  17. @ ee, yes they can, because I didn’t. and tbh, I still don’t.

  18. Those “his life was… short”-jokes are old now.
    Melissa means the Foreman-Grill, right?

  19. Your missing out totalpixie. Well, I grew up watching his reruns. He was on a show Diff’rent Strokes that ran from the late 70’s to the mid 80’s.

  20. totalpixie – being british is not an excuse (i seem to remember you are) to not know who gary coleman is.

    gary coleman is in the pantheon of americana, rubbing shoulders with neil armstrong, elvis, kim kardashian’s ass, hank williams, al gore and dustin diamond.

    they are the people/entities that have shaped the western consciousness.

    sorry to be cruel, but *facepalm*

  21. How can he now meet Willis and find out what he was talking about? Willis isn’t dead. Kimberly, she’s dead.

    Although at this point Mr Drummond’s going to outlive them all.

  22. The first time I heard of him was on The Simpsons. The Christmas episode with the creepy Furby-like things.

  23. #18 – Possibly. Or they are a fan of ‘Drake and Josh’ as there was one episode where they go round selling Gary Coleman Grills…basically George Forman grills with an added MP3.

    Gary Coleman made an appearance in the episode as well IIRC.

  24. @ alord, yep I’m British, I’m also 20…if that goes anyway to forgiving my ignorance :p

    Also, my father hated sitcoms. I grew up watching Star Trek and Buffy.

  25. The following is what I posted after the first batch of Gary Coleman posts started to appear on Lamebook… Needless to say, I KNOW MY TROLLS.

    turk30 May 28th, 2010 at 8:46 pm

    I guarantee you that within 48 hours there will be a picture of Webster with the caption “good night sweet prince” on Lamebook. MARK MY WORDS.

  26. any way* even

    @ ee, thankyou for the info it saves me wikipedia-ing him.

    @turk, that is the what made me laugh about this entry, I remembered seeing that comment.

  27. totalpixie, don’t worry. I don’t think it’s that big a deal that you’ve never heard of Gary Coleman. I think it’s more of a deal that some people are clueless to the current oil disaster in the Gulf, as shown in an earlier post.

  28. Is it just me, or does Lamebook always have a celebrity photo of someone who isn’t dead (a look-alike), with the words “Good night, sweet prince(ss)”? I think they had that for Brittany Murphy too! Fake? Just throwin’ it out there!

    PS. Is it just me, or does Emmanuel look like his face has been stretched out in that photo? Lol!

  29. the jokes aren’t that great. just because he’s dead doesn’t mean we have a right to make fun of the dude -_-

  30. @totalpixie- I’ve never seen it either.

    @secondsaway- I think the jokes are redundant, but I haven’t seen anyone being outright malicious.

    @alordslums- I enjoy reading your posts.

  31. “Although at this point Mr Drummond’s going to outlive them all”

    LMAO Of all the Gary Coleman jokes, now and in the future I like this one the best. Kinda ironic.

  32. pixie i am 23 and english.

    ok ok what it was is that i used to watch loads of nickelodeon as a kid. that used to finish at 8:00pm and then the paramount comedy channel came on after, and the first show was always diff’rent strokes.

    and @ captainkittie – i’m flattered, but they’re for no-one else’s enjoyment other than my own.

    good night.

  33. Wait, Gary Coleman was short? Oh man, I definitely haven’t had that fact shoved into my face in about three different unfunny varieties by boring unoriginal assclowns all around the world in the last couple of days, so thanks for this Lamebook. THANKS.

  34. The thing that gets me is NO ONE cares how Dudley feels about this…I mean MAN…the kid gets molested and now, some mere 30 years later, loses his best mate.
    Is there no compassion in this world?

  35. @dcrearview: Good job! Also, Ben has a pool.

  36. BEN! Can we get a site footnote for the story of Ben, or a Wiki entry – might save the constant explanations. I miss real Ben, I wish he would make it known what guise he now posts under.

  37. Walter Sobchak

    Short jokes about Gary Coleman will never get old. I mean come on, he had a liver disease when he was a young boy that stunted his growth. Now if that isn’t funny, I don’t know what is….


  38. Walter Sobchak

    That Elixabeth with her stupid signature thing should post more often. I prefer to get distracted with things that are only slightly annoying.

  39. @turk30

    You convinced me to make that picture and post it on my wall. I thought it was hilarious. My wife didn’t get it and submitted it here.

  40. markthemusician

    congratulations on the epic fail… tis not gary coleman,, tis emanuel lewis… you suck at life… find a gun and slam it aside your face until you no longer suck…

  41. @markthemusician I think that was the joke.

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