Monday, October 15, 2012

You Win Some, You Lose Some

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  1. Or its just a picture of someone grabbing some napkins as they wait for their order.

  2. Hypnosis is fake.

  3. ^ Unless your mind is weak.

  4. So, I just picked up one million dollars, and the first thing I’m going to do is head to the nearest fast food joint to try to break $1,000 and get myself a value meal with a giant Coke. Go big!

  5. Actually since the girl is black it’s possible she was weak minded enough to be hypnotized.

  6. ^inferiority complex much?

  7. This is probably funny if you know the chick, but honestly that is some Vulcan-like lack of emotion

  8. That girl is black?

  9. ^ That’s not the point, beatus.
    For Evilcow, it only matters that she’s not caucasian.

    Isn’t he a lovely specimen?

  10. With the way that hypnosis works, the smarter and more creative people are much easier to hypnotize.

  11. ^Keep telling yourself that.

  12. ^It’s true, it’s one of those urban legends that only people who have done absolutely no research whatsoever believe.

  13. All right, I’m settling this. I submitted this photo. It was taken at Six Flags in Chicago, and yes, there was a real hypnotist, and yes, this girl was actually hypnotized into believing napkins were cash. Why did the hypnotist pick $1000 bills even though they don’t exist anymore? Who knows. Point is she did, and everyone on stage accepted it as reality. There were napkins all over the park after this haha.

    Stubbyholder, this picture is not fake. I have a video to prove it.

    Evilcow, she’s not even black you racist prick. She’s Filipino.

    And beatusmongous, as to why Kim thought she could break a $1000 bill at a random foodstand in the park, I have no freaking clue. We asked her what could possibly have gone through her mind at that moment. “Hey! I have a millions bucks stuffed up my shirt! I’m gonna pull out this wad of cash, buy some chicken wings, then shove it all back while my friends watch!” Makes no sense. Hilarity increases.

  14. See, I would have laughed all the way to the bank.

    And then I would have cried.

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