Thursday, March 22, 2012

Meet Deh’Marxus

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  1. Mississippi. Need I say more?

  2. lmao, I had no clue what a “hatas” was first read, definitely thought he made hats and spelt it wrong lol so dummy. Why do people always assume they have ‘haters’ just because they don’t like you, maybe they are just too embarrassed to admit they know you because you talk, type and act like an idiot…and by maybe I mean definitely…..

  3. I was reading “mi ” as “me” so, in my mind, he sounds like a gangsta leprechaun. That made it a little easier to read.

  4. slicingupeyeballs

    Cool, a gangsta leprechaun who makes hats…

  5. i have to admit that I, too, am jellous that I will neva b whatever the fuck Deh’Marxus is on about.

  6. Gangsta Leprechauns are on the side of the rainbow opposite the pot of gold.

  7. If this gets one like I am going to be ripshit

  8. I tried looking him up 🙁 he must be unsearchable lol too bad.

  9. For a second there I thought it was leading up to a joke about mad hatters, but then I realised I’d read a word incorrectly.

  10. Hey Hawk, there’s 1 like. And I swear, it wasn’t me being a funny cunt.
    Someone actually liked it.

  11. argh i can’t express how jellous i be cuz i want wut he got buts wone neva gets cuz he be more than i eva be. and more. duh’marxus (thanks for that one mom, by the way) you are a mother fucking stallion.

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    I’m skeptical of his claim to have a Masters’ degree in Makin’ Hatas. There are relatively few universities offering degrees in that subject, and only a fraction of those offer postgraduate degrees. Competition for places on such courses is fierce.

  13. reading that, or trying to anyways, hurt my head.

  14. This stupid retard is a Senior in High School?! Unbelievable.

  15. 4 likes!? HULK MAD

  16. Wow… I think I know this douche… We sure know how to make some winners in MS.

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