Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Moldy Birthday

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  1. I almost threw up in my mouth, but I missed and it got all over the floor. Damn you, Coles!

  2. How did this douche manage not to eat the bread himself?

  3. Those kids need to suck it up and not die from a little mold.

  4. Ok where the fuck is that MsAnneThrope bitch? I’d like some taste of that whore’s cunt right about now.

  5. ^I’d say that comment pretty much sums up the caliber of the recent wave of Lamebook newcomers. I’m leaving until either CapnJaques starts posting more often, or Lamebook finds a way to filter out 13 year olds.

  6. ^Either that, or we are all getting old.

  7. Dear John,
    You’re not as funny as you think you are.

  8. ^^Coles employee

  9. The ridiculous thing is stupid people actually believe this shit and it damages the company. What a dickhead, Coles should fucking sue him

  10. Freddy2, didn’t you hear? AnneThrope was a 50 yr old man with a tiny cock, tragic really he died during an asphixywank.

  11. @tellingitreal: Nope, just honest. They don’t even have Coles in my country.

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