Monday, August 29, 2011

Something is Off…

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  2. Is trap another word for stall? I am going o use my context clues and go with that.

    Any guesses on what this poop caper was eating? New Taco bell taco box?

  3. The last one made me laugh. The first 2 were kinda meh.

  4. @Matty: I think you’re right, the writer uses trap and toilet as if they are the same, right? I guess if you think about the seat swinging up it might look like a trap? Sounds like Steeeever has been busy there!

  5. what is pos?

  6. Piece. Of. Shit.

  7. Public. Open. Space.

  8. the solution is to flush while doing it. it is still soft and flushable…no matter what size

  9. Last one should be on

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