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  1. Bryan, in typical racist fashion, ignores the fact that English was not the first language spoken in America, nor was it the language of the first European visitors. Twat.

  2. hahah. YES! ohh antoine dodson i missed him!

  3. Yes, rubert, he seems to be ignorant of the fact.

    Be that as it may, does it matter? I think Bryan was born, raised and schooled in a more-or-less English-speaking country. So he expects people who arrive there in search of a (better) future to learn the language; personally, I don’t think you can blame him.

    Just how many Spanish speakers are there in the USA, anyway? Just curious.

  4. What is WWC?

  5. rubert, the USA is a nation with English as its official language. It isn’t asking much for those who live there to learn this language. Bryan has been a bit harsh with his vocabulary, granted, but his point is well put.

    The fact that other languages were spoken there centuries ago is completely irrelevant. I was raised in Spain, yet it would be retarded to think that I should be speaking Latin because it was spoken there before Spanish. Seemingly this is what you think though…

  6. @crane

    World Wrestling Council I think…

  7. Why should anyone learn a language because they live in a country which traditionally speaks a specific language (if badly)?

    I say upset the status quo and speak whatever language you feel. But let’s face it, phrases like ‘stupid immigrant bitch’ pretty much give it away that this isn’t a linguistic diversity issue, it’s about a bunch of assholes making themselves feel better and excluding the ‘other’.

    I’m Doctor Gonzo, and this has been Mental Assessment Hour. Now go fuck yourselves…

  8. omg, he actually said ‘fucking immigrant bitch’

    Bryan, I am so sorry.

  9. @gonzo

    It’s because people feel get caught up in the sensationalist reporting and ignorant hype of their peers. I once felt the same way, but then I thought, to each their own.

    If the situation isn’t personally affecting me then I have no qualms with what language others speak.

    Bryan probably deep down isn’t even racist, he’s just acting in part of how his peers perceive the situation, and thus, he falls in line as well.

    Cultural awareness helps break one from the spell of misguided patriotism known as jingoism. If Bryan were to venture out in the world, he would learn that there are two sides to every story.

    Just my two cents.

    Also @Crane @Makster

    Women’s World Cup.

  10. vaginalroundhouse

    The Constitution is written in English so if you are going to live in this country and gain employment, better learn the language. I’m not expecting a few thousand words, but the basics and then learn more from there.

  11. jingoism is a term relating to being swept up in the impulse to go to war, taken from the old English dance hall song that went ‘We don’t want to fight but by jingo if we do, we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the tanks, we’ve got the money too’.

    But I agree with what you’re saying. Bryan isn’t really a racist, just an unimaginative asshole desperate for the approval of his peers. I want to ruffle his hair now, instead of punching him out.

    The World feels a better place for this catharsis.

  12. @Vaginal Roundhouse.

    You’re telling the wrong person- get out there and tell all those wannabe Americans that don’t speak your language properly to learn the Constitution or whatever.

    Or even better, go and protect it from the Godbotherers!!

  13. Those of you who don’t get Bryan’s anger must not live down here in the s/w.
    Ever been denied a job because, despite being very qualified you don’t speak Spanish? Yeah, sorry all I have is what I learned in high school 2 decades ago.
    How would any of you feel if you went to Motor vehicle Dept. to get your child a driver’s manual and all you find are ones in Spanish? For English I was told to go online and download it and print it out myself.
    How about trying to order food at McDonalds and its wrong because you can’t order in Spanish?
    I would understand if I had moved to… say Mexico but since I’m still in the same town I was born in is it really that hard to ask newbies to learn at least a little English?
    My children went to school with immigrants from over 50 countries, and of those only the children from 3-4 countries were not fluent in English. How come the other immigrants learned English and did not demand everyone else cater to their language?
    America is a melting pot, but some new citizens don’t want to blend in they would rather stay the way they are, and require others to conform to their lifestyles. Seems if they want to be in a Spanish speaking community, if they want to raise chickens in their back yard, dump filth in the streets, pile broken down cars in their yard, live without running water there is a country that accepts this- its their home.

    Even better is seeing Hispanics march in the streets carrying Mexico’s flag demanding the rights of U.S. citizens even though they entered the country illegally.

    BTW- I’m part Hispanic. My ancestors were in the southwest before the U.S. annexed it and were made citizens. I am also part Native American. You know, the people who were here even before the Spanish showed up. and yet they don’t demand everyone speak their dialect.

  14. @makster English is not the official language. The USA is a country with no official language. English is, however, the de facto language of the United States.

    @jcnarizone – those of us who don’t get Bryan’s anger may just not be assholes. Also, who the fuck needs help in Wal-mart?

    There have been several attempts to make English the official language of the United States, but all have failed through our democratic process. So, I mean, it’s kind of like you demanding English be spoken in America is doubting democracy, and that’s pretty un-American.
    Being an immigrant is the most American thing you can do.

  15. How do we know that this woman didn’t just move to the US? Just because she doesn’t know English now doesn’t mean she isn’t trying to learn. English is a difficult language to learn, especially as an adult, and it can take quite a long time to become fluent. This is the case with the majority of people from Countries B, C, D, etc. who are living in Country A.

    I lived in a European country for several years during college. When I first arrived there, I could say “hello” and “have you seen my cat?” It took me a while to pick up the language to the point where I considered myself to be fluent. But what else was I going to do- put off college and spend years becoming fluent in their language before going there? No thanks.

    While there are some lazy, entitled assholes who think that the entire world should change for them, the majority of people are just hard workers looking for a better opportunity. They don’t always have the time or the resources to learn a second language without having to immerse themselves in it.

    Sidenote: in a couple years, my city is going to have more Mexicans than “white people.” Yeah, it sucks having them get your order wrong at McDonald’s. That’s why I check my order before I drive away. It’s not necessarily their fault. Have you ever been on the other side of the drive-thru window? You can’t hear shit half the time, no matter what language the customer is speaking.

  16. @jcnarizona Thank you so much for that post. I live in Texas (where I have lived my whole life), and everyday I’m having to deal with situations similar to the ones you’ve mentioned. For those of you saying Bryan is an asshole, try living in an area that has a population of over 75% Hispanics to the 25% Caucasian residents before you judge his comments. It’s really annoying trying to go to the store and needing assistance in finding something, only to ultimately give up because I don’t understand the Spanish-speaking clerk. On all products I buy at the store, the titles are all in Spanish, so I have to search on the back or lower right hand corner to find the English directions on how to use something. So before people try to judge Bryan’s comments as being an asshole, try to live among this yourself and see if it would irritate you as well.

  17. @cmw2493 Do you not think if you in a community that is 75% hispanic and 25% caucasian that it should be YOU to learn spanish as you are technically the minority?? Just because you are white and speak english, does not mean that everyone else has to do the same.

  18. If 75% of people in your area speak a different language, maybe you should try to learn enough of their language to get by. Or if you’re that ignorant just stick to the 25% of people who do speak your language. I’m sure one of them works at a drive-through or Walmart.

    And no, it doesn’t matter who was ‘there first’. What a childish argument. But anyway, god knows it wasn’t you.

    America, God bless.

  19. In all honesty, I would rather have the Spanish than the Somalian. There is a large population of Somali immigrants here. I work in a coffeeshop, and they aren’t trying to learn any of our language, which doesn’t bother me as much as the fact that they treat us like we’re dirt (especially the men). Call me racist if you want, but I don’t dislike them because they’re a different color/culture, I dislike them because they treat us like we are less than they are.

  20. Man am I glad to live in Europe…

  21. cmw2493 “I have to search on the back or lower right hand corner to find the English directions on how to use something”

    You poor baby… I bet if people in the Horn of Africa could hear your life story right now, it’d make them sit up and be thankful.

    They’d be all like “By Allah! This poor infidel has to read directions from a packet of mashed potatoes and sometimes it takes a second for them to find the right language!”

  22. vaginalroundhouse

    Being an immigrant to this great country and working your way to make it better is all good in my book. But coming here and creating the same mess as in your country of origin doesn’t sit well with me. I lived next door to a few latino women (2 or 3, I couldn’t tell which ones lived there) and about 8-10 kids. Running around on the sidewalk and in the street. Littering, throwing their shit, literally, at cars or other homes. If this is the way of the Latino is to treat this country, this country is f’ed.

  23. rocknrollnicole

    @jcnarizona and @cmw2493: Getting your order wrong at McDonald’s and having to search packaging for instructions are not real problems. If these are the kinds of things you have to complain about, get a fucking life. Poverty, domestic violence, the state of the education system in the US; those are REAL problems. Children not having enough to eat, or watching their mother being beaten by their father, those are real problems.

    Times change,and this nation is changing. If you didn’t get a job because you didn’t speak Spanish, you obviously weren’t as qualified as the person who DID get it. Being bilingual is a huge plus to employers, especially in the border states. @jcnarizona: You claim you are part Native American, and that your ancestors didn’t demand immigrants learn Sioux, Cherokee, Mayan, etc. Yet you demand current immigrants to learn English? You are contradicting yourself.

    @cmw2493: I too have lived in Texas all my life. My family has lived in Texas for the past five generations. I’m as white as milk. But I still support people who come here to better their lives and situations, and don’t begrudge them the right to bring their language and culture with them. It’s what all of our ancestors did.

    And always remember, “If you don’t like it, you can GET OUT!”

  24. vaginalroundhouse

    Why can’t latinos be like the blacks? Blacks breed a lot but they kill each other. Latinos breed, breed and breed.

  25. OH MY GOD, they got your McDonald’s order wrong???? How DARE they! What is this world coming to when you can’t walk into a Mickey Dees and get the Big Mac you ordered (and deserve!!)…

    And you had to print off the driver’s manual YOURSELF? Such a difficult life we lead, isn’t it?

    Have you ever tried learning a new language as an adult? It’s not easy, and English is one of the more difficult languages to learn. Gain some empathy and try to see things from others’ perspectives. There is an entire world that exists outside of your own.

  26. @crane: WWC = Women’s World Cup.

    Now, I’m not against immigrants (I suppose I technically am one) but Bryan has a point though he could have phrased it more delicately. If someone is going to get a job where they have to help customers, then they should be expected to speak some English. How much would they be able to help if the whole conversation was just gestures?

  27. You all ignore the fact that Jess might look like a dirty Mexican and the Wal-Mart employee assumed he/she spoke Spanish. And if Wal-Mart did hire someone that does not even speak English so they could be paid less than minimum wage and work slave hours; I presume- then we know where the problem is don’t we?

  28. I speak 6 languages, 2 of them fluently and 2 of them near fluently (the remainder just okay) and over half of them with a non-roman alphabet; one of the fluent ones (and two others) I didn’t even start learning until I had a “slow adult’s brain”. I don’t think it would be that big of a deal for some of you to learn a little Spanish.

    Besides, Spanish is basically an official language in the Southwestern United States. If you lived in Northern Italy you wouldn’t (shouldn’t) complain that some people speak German. It’s the same principle. Learn a little German and stop being such a douche (just like they would/should be learning some Italian).

    And to note, I agree with the people talking about people trying to learn a language in a new country. I am specifically referring to the people who aren’t bothering to learn a language and complain when others don’t speak their native tongue.

  29. So if I get this correctly, it was totally fine for immigrants a few centuries ago to infiltrate America and bring their languages along, but it’s not ok for today’s immigrants to do the same?

    Non- native (racist/xenophobic) Americans: You’re all immigrants. Bloody fucking hypocrites!

    And dammit it’s not going to kill you to catch up to the rest of the world and speak more than one language.

  30. P.S. this is why the world hates you

  31. no comprendo cabrones, es espanol por favor!

  32. I’ve known many immigrants, both friends and in a work capacity, and I’ve never met anyone who didn’t want to learn English. However, it’s not so easy when you a.) work 60-80 hours a week and b.) were born in a part of the world where you might not have even had the chance to finish elementary school before having to work to help feed your family. Americans who complain like this have no idea how privileged they are to be born where they were and have had access to education (which this guy obviously didn’t take advantage of).

    Also, it bears mentioning that the children of immigrants and those who move here as kids learn English almost universally. So even if no first-generation immigrants learned English, our country wouldn’t be “taken over” by any other language any time soon.

  33. @oilersfan, how do you know the person they stopped was hired to do customer service work? No time is given for this event. For all you know, it could’ve occurred at 3 in the morning, and the woman they stopped was the cleaning lady.

    Also, since no one has suggested it, I will: the worker could very well have spoken some English, but just went ahead and asked if these assholes spoke Spanish so that she could more successfully explain things to them.

    My grandmother lived in this country for more than 40 years and, while only speaking Korean (her native language) vary rarely, she never quite got the hang of English. I can’t even begin to tell you how much it pisses me off when people don’t even give obvious immigrants a chance to try. If you (all of you who think you’re better than immigrants just because you were lucky enough to have been born with English as your first language) attempted to speak a specific language every single day of your life, and were shot down for even trying, I’m sure most of you would give up.

    Sorry, for the rant, but I was born and raised in Texas, and I saw people I knew to be legal citizens treated like crap all of the time just because they didn’t speak perfect American English.

  34. When my mum was young my grandpa moved the family to New Caledonia for work. Coming from Australia the entire family only spoke English (except my grandpa) but since it was a french set of islands they all tried to learn french so they could get by. They were there for about 7 years and my mum and her three brothers picked it up fine but my grandmother could never get her head around. She could say hello, yes, no, and perhaps one or two other basic phrases but no matter how hard she tried she could never understand it or speak it. Some people simply don’t have the ability to learn another language, it doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to be somewhere and it doesn’t mean they should be isolated from the general community.

  35. @Makster,

    I live in Europe as well. Try getting by in Germany without speaking German. In fact, in order to stay in Germany as an immigrant you are legally required to learn German, or they will kick you out. So pretending like Europe is all tolerant and sophisticated in relation to the US really doesn’t fly. The US is, and has always been, far more accepting of immigrants than just about every European society.

    I share, to some degree, the OP’s disdainful attitude. English isn’t that hard, loads of people learn it who don’t even live in an English speaking country. Moreover, when one moves to a country permanently and refuses to learn the local language this is a sing of ignorance, laziness, or perhaps mental retardation. If said employee is in fact part of Walmart’s outreach program to provide jobs for the mentally challenged, then my apologies in advance. I suspect, hwoever, that she is not. Having gone to college in South Florida, I am well aware that there are a number of Spanish speaking immigrants in the US who willfully refuse to learn English, and who often become belligerent when you do not speak to them in Spanish (try ordering a coffee in little Havan in English. Good luck). This is particularly egregious when you are in a service job.

    The OP’s language may be less than legitimate. His sentiments, however, are entirely reasonable.

  36. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    She must be an impressively competent and productive person if she can manage to hold down a job despite not speaking the official language of the country she lives in. A few more like her and we might just beat this recession!

  37. Lots of racists up in this piece. Whole thing is too long, so I didn’t read it all.

    Just know that English is the de facto language of the USA, but it is not the official language. Considering that many legal documents are available in Spanish, I’d say the Hispanic Wal-Mart Associate is perfectly in the right to ask someone if they speak Spanish.

    I hope the poster in the image gets hit by a train.

  38. I’m English Jameszz, as far as I’m concerned, if you’re going to spam my computer (which is in England, not the USA), you should damn well use pounds sterling and not that indigenous dollar sign crap you SOB. If you’re going to bring that spam here, then you should be converting your made-up bullshit prices for my benefit!!

    (*Waves flag, turns East to face London, salutes Queen*)

    by the way, I’m not a racist- my great Uncle fought a crocodile in Florida once…

  39. Bryan may have a point but i’d like to mention that in all the countries I have lived in so far (3 not including the uk where I’m from), none of the Americans/Britons I knew ever attempted to learn the language of the country they resided in. They thought it was a given everyone should know English and would get pissed off if shop assistants didn’t fully understand them. Talk about double standards.

    The 2010 Census counted 50.5 million Hispanics in the United Sates,making up 16.3% of the total population. WE ARE the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority.

    It is true that we are supposed to learn the language, but believe me, we all do our best, and it is really hard when we have people like you calling us “FUCKING IMMIGRANT BITCH”. and by the way, “you” dont gives us jobs, we do the jobs that you little white people cant do because they are too dificult for you to handle (ex. construction) and not only that, most of the hispanic population in the US can speak the language so that gives us the advantage of being bilingual (something that companies really want) so yeah, you dont gives jobs, WE earn them for our physical strength and ability to speak two or more languages. Im pretty sure you are a spoiled baby that dont know the meaning of the expression “hard work” but we do and im not going to let ANY WHITE fool bring my PEOPLE down!!!

    PS: Im only 18 years old, i dont know how old are you but i do know that you are an immature little guy.

  41. IHeartArguments

    @lilcubangirl, It may surprise you, but white people actually do construction too. In fact, when I take the train to work at 4 AM the majority of people I see are construction workers making up a rainbow of colors – and your hispanic crowd is just part of the bunch.

    As for learning the language, I agree it’s hard – though not as hard for a native Spanish speaker than it is for someone who came over from the Czech Republic as my parents did. The difference is the need to learn the language; while there are millions of Spanish speaking people living in the country, the Czech population is just slightly less prolific (yes that’s sarcasm). My parents were forced to learn the language in order to communicate at all beyond hand gestures and body language, whereas Spanish speakers don’t always have to learn English because many neighborhoods have a decent sized Spanish speaking population; many people moving to America then don’t even have to learn English if they don’t want to, because they can almost always find a version of the service they need (be it a plumber or general contractor or auto shop) that offers support for Spanish speakers.

    Also, I can’t help but notice that you said you would not “let ANY WHITE fool bring my PEOPLE down,” which begs the question, what about a black fool? Chinese? Indian? Israeli? I’m curious where your distaste for racism ends and your racism begins.

  42. We are all immigrants to this country. That being said I would like to see if vaginalroundhouse, bryan, cmw2493 or jcnarizona would work the jobs that the non english speaking illegal immigrants do. I invite you vaginalroundhouse to come to my Latino community, so you can see if we litter, or throw our shit at cars. Have you been to a spanish country, do you know if they keep their communities a mess? Our country is f’ed with the likes of people like you. And of course we Latinos keep breeding, it is done on purpose so we can overtake the USA,(sarcasm). You are so ignorant, what a waste of sperm.

  43. You guys are a waste of sperm.

    Legally, she could eb Cuban and was taken in by USA, when they actually get to come here they may be well over 50 and learning the language is hard, she is working for FUCK SAKES, you want her to lay around and do food stamps? for all you know she could be going to English classes on her time off from work, you don’t learn a language overnight. yeah, sorry there are a lot of Spanish speakers and HERE AND ANYWHERE ELSE IN THE WORLD, speaking two languages is a plus and will always get you above other people for jobs. Its not our fault you are ignorant haha, a second language is a skill.

    Some people are too ignorant, they never been to South America, and they are delusional that they want to be like US, lol wake up peeps, go to South America’s capitals and see how awesome it is and stfu.
    The person who wrote that status should die, seriously.

  44. Yeah Bryan because Americans ALWAYS learn the language when they move to other countries. I’m American and my best friend just got back from India…she didn’t know a single word of Hindi when she moved there and the native didn’t treat her like a fucking leper. Never forget that Americans always rank low in academic scores of world powers so however smart you Americans think we really are, studies have proven we’re not.

  45. Yea Bryan thats probably the samething they told your ancestors when they came to this country f**king dumbass!!!!

  46. Bryan is just the worst type of person.

  47. There’s a lot of stereotyping going on here. I work in a casino, if I don’t have a pretty good view of a wide range of nationalities nobody does! Starting with the staff, I can honestly say some of the nicest people I have worked with are Polish, Hungarian, Czech, Italian, south African, etc, etc, etc. They all brought a wonderful mix of their own languages and cultures to this country while becoming fluent in English. Do they get respect? No. Do they still get told to speak English after doing so? Yes. This is because people are ignorant. Everywhere.
    Many of our customers are Chinese. They are some of the most polite and friendly people I’ve met. Thai women it seems are all hilarious and often make my shift worth doing. Indian men are witty and surprisingly smooth talkers. Again, they make the effort to learn English and adopt our culture even just to be sociable. They are degraded and victimised by the ‘local’ customers despite this. They can’t win.
    I wouldn’t blame any immigrant for not learning the new language and/or culture. They’re damned if they do, damned if they don’t.

  48. fuck_racist_assholes

    Okay so, believe me WE WANT TO LEARN THE FUCKING LANGUAGE, BUT, give us TIME, don’t you think It’s hard for us too? To go to a place and have people stare at you like You’re NOTHING, embarrased because people don’t understand you? Yeah why didnt we stay in our country, hmmmm, why didnt YOUR PARENTS STAY IN THEIR COUNTRY? Europeans wanted freedom of religion they wanted something NEW they wanted to start over just like us. WERE ALL IMMIGRANTS, and They’re right being an immigrant is the most american thing you can do. I’m glad close to 90% of americans understand us and give us rights and defend us, to those people, thank you, 🙂 God and life and karma will repay you with nothing but GREATNESS 🙂 to the rest of the people, when you don’t help anyone & everyones gone, Who’s gunna be there to help you? Think about it. It’s 2013!!! Immigrants are going to stay here wether you like it or not. Were nothing but hardworking families trying to feed ourselves. GET OVER IT. Were humans Let’s help one another not be racist, facebook is the WORST because assholes think they have the right to say such awful horrible things on the internet. SAY IT TO OUR FACES. Thanks for anyone that read this. Peace & Love

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