Thursday, April 26, 2012

Magic Moments

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  1. An accurate simile I suppose. Here, Taylor has sited the popular book and film series penned by J.K. Rowling, and juxtaposed a recurring character and theme against his / her exam revision trials and tribulations.

    Tyler, on the other hand, is a cunt.

  2. STFU you absolute loser

  3. ‘STFU’ – Internet shorthand, meaning ‘Shut The Fuck Up’.

    ‘loser’ has been italicised to denote emphasis.

  4. That’s where you’re wrong. It actually means “Silly Thai Fucking Ugandan”.

  5. Here, Crustylovelips has changed the traditional definition of the acronym STFU for comic emphasis.

  6. ^ I dig this schtick.
    Keep it up, RC.

  7. It’s ok, everyone knows crusty is a hypocritical douche nozzle.

    Little known fact: “Crusty Love Lips” refers to the man-jam splooge stains around his mouth.

  8. butterscotchcandy

    Sorry to be a pedant, RealityCheck, but since Taylor did not use “like” or “as”, his statement is more a metaphor than a simile. I do agree that it was quite accurate and somewhat chuckle-worthy.

    8 likes in 7 minutes though? I think Joey’s friends need to get out a bit more.

  9. @8 They were all probably at a party or bar, waiting for their female counterparts to come back from the restroom.

  10. Hypocrite? Moi?

  11. Erg, more Harry Potter boredom. When will that idiotic fad die?

  12. Reality Check, you are fake.

  13. Harry fucking Potter. Really? Why are people, obviously at Uni, referencing a kids book/movies?
    It’s like me referring to The Power Rangers when bitching about my exam period.

  14. Because they probably read it when they were younger. There are adults who still love Harry Potter. There is no harm in referencing a classic series.

  15. Yes there is, Louie. There’s the harm that I will hit them on the head with a piece of 2×4 repeatedly until they stop referencing Harry Potter. Or calling it a classic series.

  16. Some people are bitter. Like how most people in the world hate Twilight. But Harry Potter is a classic, whether you hate it or not. Twilight… not so much. But my point remains, lol. I liked it when I was younger, and I still appreciate it now, even though I haven’t read the last 4, or seen the last 4 movies. I dunno, I guess I will always respect J.K. Rowling and the series C:

  17. Nice try, Louie, but classic? Really?

    “A classic stands the test of time. The work is usually considered to be a representation of the period in which it was written; and the work merits lasting recognition. In other words, if the book was published in the recent past, the work is not a classic.”

    Popularity does NOT equal classicism.

  18. I guess I see the term classic differently. It’s respected worldwide, and translated into a large number of languages, and has won countless awards. To me, that’s classic. I guess I should have clarified, my bad!

  19. slicingupeyeballs

    How DO you do an opal necklace anyways…?

  20. I really do hope these posts are from 15 year olds.

  21. Harry Potter is NOT a classic. A Tale of Two Cities, Tom Sawyer, Of Pride and Prejudice, The Joy of Sex, now THOSE are all examples of classics.

  22. “Moaning Myrtle”?? Sounds like Adult fiction to me.

  23. @#21, I agree, but in my own personal list, I would add Harry Potter. 🙂

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