Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Goose is Loose

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  1. That’s 24 notifications, not friend requests.

  2. Nerd alert!

  3. Dawn of the Dan

    No name blur, but I’m certain this is a joke account, so it’s aight.

  4. Checked it out… It exists…. real or not, open to public view…

  5. I had 26 notifications once, but that was back when facebook notified you of every single like and comment, instead of clumping them together. Though I guess when you troll you get more responses.

  6. Cartman?

  7. Fuck I hate Larry Gooseman. Nearly as much as I hate Lamebook for promoting him. Still.

  8. Someone should shoot this disgusting, retarded lard in the head, seriously.

  9. no vickey. it isn’t ‘racist’ if the black people eat all the pizza. it’s greedy.

  10. What kind of hypocritical fitness centre promotes the eating of pizza, for fucks sake?

    An American one, I presume.

  11. Haha! Total facebook troll. I love it. I hate you.

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  13. Looks like he has a black eye from falling on his hots pocket

  14. I’ll bet that black eye is from all that heavy lifting he’s been doing at the gym.

    Everyone knows that the best way to do weight training it to whollop oneself in one’s head to be certain the work out is being done correctly.

  15. ^ Ah, have you been speaking to SLG?

  16. ^better watch out, Bacchante. That’s twice he’s been mentioned in two days. Once more and we get story time!!

  17. Where the hell is T-1000 when a real “fake” needs to be proclaimed???? Slacker!

  18. I don’t think he was talking about black people…I’m with p/f on this one, he def meant the black card holders…everyone knows n1ggers don’t eat pizza, they only eat fried fucking chicken and collard greens!

  19. We all know this guy has the Lamebook guys as friends, right? It’s a bullshit troll FB account and a vile one at that. I spent some time a while back going through it. Photos of dumps in the cistern and others of his alleged father who happens to be as fat as this fuck. Ignore this one.

    Every now and again I see a name from Lamebook’s glorious past in the comments. katypants, fuck me, it’s been a long time. Thought you’d gone forever. Good to see you, girl.

  20. Oh yes, I remember this guy before. Not even wasting my time this time round.

  21. Is this funny because Americans are fat?

  22. ^fuck yes

  23. People like Vickey make me fucking sick! “That’s racist…” – stfu you stupid, dumb, whore and look up the word before using it. He wasn’t being racist in the fucking least! He simply said, “black people ate all the pizza” – what IF he did MEAN actual black people ate all the pizza? Maybe it was all black people there and that’s why they ate all the pizza.

  24. Exactly, nothing racist about it at ALL! It’s like when you go to the zoo and it’s full of coloreds and they get all butthurt cuz when you’re like, “man, I sure wish I had a bunch of naners to feed those cute little monkeys” they think you’re talking about their little smelly niglet chiren.

  25. Laughouyloud. This is fake.

  26. Wordy, my love! It’s been forever, I know… I moved on to another firm that blocks every website that has ever existed, hence no time to play ::le sigh::

    But last night I was drinking wine (nosah) and it hit me like a tonna bricks that I haven’t been on in foreverrr!

    I like to see that many are still here though… And words like “fuck” are thrown around like it’s a second, but very well paying, job.

    Love love love

  27. Get drunk more often, hun. A lot of the old crew still look, they just don’t touch. Much. I really wish they would. Love you back. Kisses.

  28. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    Oh, Larry. Will you ever learn?

  29. I’m American. I’m not fat.


  30. Someone mention boobs? Where?

  31. I have boobs

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