Wednesday, October 13, 2010


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  1. vroom, vroom!

  2. beep, beep!

    honk, honk!

  3. lame, lame!

  4. More veiled innuendo? Yes LAMEBOOK, we know – people on facebook talk about sex like they are in a Carry On film. Fuck me.

  5. I laughed so hard a bit of poo came out; that was nothing to do with this lamebook post though.

  6. Hey DukeGuy, if you pretend that cars were never invented, this conversation gets SO MUCH MORE AWESOME. ABOUT FIFTY TIMES MORE.

    Bit confusing though, because everybody’s talking about something that was never invented.

  7. Hmm this is the first lb link I have clicked in a while… Well worth it.

  8. BritishHobo is right, I can barely contain my own insides.

  9. hmm that’s strange. It was pretty meh to me and I never complain about the lame lamebook posts…

  10. Didn’t they test this post before releasing it?

  11. I like the practice, just not the results.

  12. Yeah…. the first problem with this whole conversation is the fact that they’re talking about a significant other as if they are an object that you can just throw away once you stop liking it.

    They have feelings too you dumbasses

  13. #9 I second that. This was just meh.

  14. Generic reply about complaining about complaining.

  15. Nancy’s remark was pretty funny. I’d have just cut it off there.

  16. @casshern

    Generic reply about complaining about complaining about complaining.


  18. kinda funny, but went on too long.

  19. @ariesdragon123…

    Oh no you didn’t… (shakes head and puts hands on hips then strikes the appropriate pose).

    I could complain about complaining about others complaining about me… but I’m not going down that road today m’dear, It don’t end well.

  20. bollywood_rocks83

    Am I the only one who got the impression Sue was actually talking about cars and didn’t get the whole thing?

  21. It’s always a good idea to have it checked out by your mechanic before buying, you know, just to make sure everything is in tip-top shape. Second oppinions are always good.

  22. Generic comment saying that I laughed harder at the commentary in this post then the post itself…

  23. Generic unrelated comment about my culture.

  24. Is it just me, or does anyone else hates comments where they put the summary of what they want to say instead of actually writing something?
    It seems to be the trend on facebook (putting a status like that and everyone else comments on it BEING OH SO FUNNY) and now it appears to be on lbcomments..

  25. Huh?

  26. generic comment about complaining about generic comments.

    I feel so meta…

  27. Generic troll comment about how premarital sex is a mortal sin.

  28. @nuff – 2nd opinions are good, but 2nd “p” in the word opinion is the fucking daddy and you know it.

    I love that you can’t edit a post once it’s been posted on here. wazssah!

  29. + bible verses and everything
    a la Fargis.

  30. Lmao @ DukeGuy, you better believe it.


  32. generic comment claiming one of you are MEG.

  33. Generic comment calling candid Wallace AND another generic comment saying how much I <4 the generic comments and all of you guys!

  34. umm
    Generic… prescription for Valtrex?
    (you get what you pay for).

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