Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quick & Painful

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  1. The official name is ‘The United States of America.’ This was intended to reflect the fact that the nation was a federation of separate states (which at the time was basically equivalent to ‘nation,’ hence Hegel’s ‘nation-state’) with a great deal of reciprocal agreement between them, sort of like the EU of today. The ‘of America’ to denote that these states were all part of the American continent. After a while people decided that South America, Mexico, and Canada didn’t matter so they just started calling the US ‘America.’

    And just who is Samantha?

  2. I can’t stand having a dirty and unwaxed kitten

  3. @100 Cocks: (see also: dongs)

  4. hahaha, im putting this in

  5. I feel like I just took a supercondensed history class in which I ignored all the reading and bullshitted the exams.

    The only thing on topic I can contribute is “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue”.

  6. I only came here to see some funny, man, I’m disappointed.

  7. I can’t wait to get home and wax my cat. Wait what??

  8. I think Christopher misspelt twat.

  9. The last thing I want from Lamebook is a history lesson.

  10. cenobyte, by “cat” she means “pussy” and by “wax” she means, rip all the hair out of it.

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