Friday, December 31, 2010

Farm Ill

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  1. word, I’m thinking it must be VERY easy to disguise yourself, considering I changed my name, thought I had made it obvious that I had, and even when I said “7 is also me” people STILL didn’t realise it.

    And with the obviously traditional Polish Janek SOBski. Hey-sooce, please help me.

  2. Well, I realised it, and I was drugged at the time. Hmmm, yes. So what does that say about everybody else? I know what you think it says, haha…

  3. @147
    Just figured I’d add you in since you were part of the discussion

    That’s nice, so any guesses as to who that mystery man janek is?
    I think it’s probably saffer.

  4. I don’t actually think that, I just thought it was funny to say. I’ve given up on trying to disguise my prose when posting under other names (and I have 2 accounts) months ago since Walter effin’ guessed my nationality across the internet in a different time zone.


    eh…easier for some than others. I used to think vincent was here all the time disguised as other people, but I don’t think he’d put forth that much effort now. I think wordy is pretty right.

  5. I also have been lame and spending too much time on the internets lately, wordy. The university is closed (and everything around it a dead ghost town) for another couple weeks and I did not go home for the break.

    Though, I don’t have oxycontin to keep me company. I don’t know if I’m envious of you for that or not.

  6. Jon, I think janek is pep. Never trust a Frenchman.

  7. This is what the internets is for, Pep, to amuse us bored, housebound/enforced to holiday folk. And you can be envious in a way about the meds. They’re great, but I’ll have to part with them soon – they could get me into trouble. It’ll be a sorrowful parting…

  8. @wordy

    That’s what I was thinking. If you don’t have an infinite supply, you have to come back down eventually. If you do, well shit, you’d die at some point.


    The funniest joke I’ve ever heard from a Brit was when he said their entire foreign policy with France can be summed up as, “Leave the chees and the wine on the beach and BUGGER OFF!” It sounds funny when it’s shouted with a British accent, but I bet he stole it from a TV show or something.

  9. Oh, Walt, you might really like this:

    Don’t worry, it’s not a scab or skin abscess.

  10. Yeah well the British have a weird sense of humor. They would watch a nun slip on ice and land with a dildo going up her ass and think “that is hilarious! Because I can relate to that!”

  11. I’m more into funny cat videos, like where the cat chases the dog, or jumps on a box but falls through, etc. I’m very simple.

  12. Oh man, you’re like an old lady.

    I also have bad taste. LOLcats are a guilty pleasure of mine.

  13. Pep, the view from the clouds is a such pleasant one at the moment, but I’ll eventually have to come back to earth. Next week. And your link is funny. So was what you described, Walter. Thanks for the laughs, guys.

  14. How do you make the italics and bold like that?

  15. Use this as a basic reference, but don’t use the strike through one. That doesn’t work in here…

  16. Haha, good one.

  17. Testing…

    What’s a good one, Walter?

  18. So that one works… haha.

  19. Saying the strike through doesn’t work.

  20. Testing…

    Well let’s see now…

  21. Nope, it doesn’t work. It’s a deprecated tag. But the one I used works.

  22. @157
    That’s a strangely specific example…

  23. Thanks.

  24. I’m chiming in a bit late here…but the problem with Keona is not just that she’s young and naive, but that she tries SO hard to be funny, cool and accepted. When everyone slammed her for oversharing about her supposedly interesting sex life she eventually apologised. It’s obvious she really does place importance on the Lamebook commenters community and that is truly sad. She comments on EVERY post and tries to interact with other commenters and form alliances but generally the only people to respond (other than insults) or find her funny are the newbies. Keona’s comments are always either boring, crass or plagarised from elsewhere. Considering what a hostile environment it can be here I can’t believe she lets everyone see what she looks like in real life – especially when that’s pretty average to be honest. (Southernbrunette, although attractive, is no better in letting all the internet losers leer at her pictures and thinking that somehow validates her).

    However, I don’t really think Keona should be worried that she is not part of the Lamebook in-crowd because if we’re honest it’s not really that much to aspire to. I hope Keona sticks around because although she annoys me with every comment, she seems to regularly stir up drama and entertainment.

  25. goddamnit mb. are you really trying to start this again? and even add in a little snipe at southernbrunnette. I’m pretty sure someone else looked her up on facebook and posted her pictures, then she changed her privacy settings…so that is other people creeping so that’s really just on you being jealous. Now look what you’ve done, you’ve already started the long, boring paragraphs of explanation and destroyed the witty banter…

    Always trying to ruin the witty banter….

  26. Yeah, where’s Vincent when you need him, that little bastard. He’s probably up behind the altar giving the ol’ mmmbop to Dan Fargis.

  27. This was …uh….something….

  28. I don’t do witty banter. Very few Lamebook manage to but I don’t even try. Besides, we are all motivated to be here for different reasons and you can’t assume that all commenters are going to comment the way you want them to or that you can make them (hence we have Keona).

    When someone posted pics of southernbrunette, yes she apparently changed her facebook privacy settings but she didn’t complain that they’d shared her pictures here and was quite happy with the compliments, vulgar or otherwise. You complain about me sniping about her and then snipe at me. Jealous I am not.

    None of this Lamebook stuff is really of any importance to me other than a fascination with online behaviour and the total or partial anonymity, especially when people have numerous profiles.

  29. Where are these pics? I’d like to see them.

  30. So basically, you’re saying the only reason you’re here is to affirm that you are a better person then most of the people who comment on here, but at least they try to add something. And now you’re making me write these damn paragraphs again…I hate you so much.

    Also that’s complete BS, the only reason to be mad at an attractive woman for getting compliments and laughing about them (as opposed to…? being furious and starting a flame war?)
    Obviously it is important since you’re putting in so much effort, you are just like keona except you don’t even try to be funny.

    We all would boogie, but it turns out southernbrunnette for some odd reason doesn’t seem to want everyone on lamebook looking at them…can’t imagine why you wouldn’t want anonymous strangers looking at your personal photos…
    I like to keep recent naked photos of me in the wings ready to post for strangers at any time…can’t seem to get many offers since chat roulette shut down though. (is it shut down? I don’t actually know, I just stopped hearing about it in the news/media)

    and now i’m back to paragraphs… I hate you mb.

  31. mb, hey baby, you don’t need all those flames to warm you. Let me do it. I’ll give you my deep, hot, heavy breath, caressing your body.

    You don’t need those elite. You just need my tingly love.

    Here is my picture. Imagine me breathing softly through your hair, standing over your warm bed tonight.

  32. I’m not trying to perpetuate this thing, but note that all the posts by the real Keona no longer have her thumbnail attached to them, which she now says she has removed, and the ‘fake’ Keona posts still do. If that is the case, then comment #54 must be by the real Keona. The post she denied was hers. There might be a simple explanation for it, but I can’t think of one.

  33. This whole comments line feels like a very poorly written episode of Jesse Ventura’s Conspiracy Theory. My head hurts.

  34. This whole Lamebook commenter multiple-identity/identity-theft thing is doing my head in.
    Is anyone even still reading any of this.

    >I like turtles is an old meme that was carried on here for a while by someone with the username zombie kid.
    The original is this

    They would just add the comment ‘I like turtles’ to every lamebook post. It’s not really random, just an old meme/joke dredged up here.

  35. Who are you all?

    Are you all who you say you are?

    Are you the same voices who told me to do those naughty things to the next door neighbours’ dog?

  36. If you are not that other mb, then will the new mb please come back?

    I want to shout at a stranger on the internet for how stupid ethnography is.


    On the website Stuff White People Like, there was this guy (maybe it was many) who always wrote, “I crapped my pants” in the comments.

    It was head-breaking at first but became really hilarious after seeing it a hundred times. I don’t know why.


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