Thursday, April 26, 2012

Dancin’ in the Rain!

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  1. Mutleyyyyy

  2. hehehehehe

  3. Really not that funny, come on lamebook up your game!!

  4. Careful Mandy, THIS should be my Manta! were Steve Irwin’s last words and look where that got him…

    Yes… I know.

  5. Dance is traditionally a medium associated with expressive movements, interpretative actions and the harmony of music and the human body working in perfect cohesion.

    Catie has rather obliquely confused the message behind this carefully articulated poster and in doing so has intimated that once could derive terror from a small wet haired child.

  6. ^ Yu jus righted all that cos why? Dancing like a dick when your drunk. No need for five lines of bullshit

  7. Traditionally, internet trolls will often poke fun at their intended victims poor grasp of grammar or syntax. For example:

    I prefer it when you write in internet shorthand crusty. It is far more intelligible and much closer to a recognisable form of language than the drivel you have just spouted.

  8. butterscotchcandy

    I like you, RealityCheck.

  9. A self-confessed troll, huh?

  10. This is fake.

  11. “This is reality check…dumping down a dose of reality…and a side of wisdom”

  12. #6. Damn, just give up.

  13. whatever, buddy. how’s about shut the fuck uuuuuuuup

  14. ^ Good one

  15. Love the pic

  16. did that.
    got pneumonia.

    fuck you.

  17. @MsAnneThrope – you didn’t get pneumonia from being out in the rain. That’s pretty much an old wive’s tale.

  18. Yeah, MsAnneThrope…pneumonia is caused by a virus, not going outside with wet hair. When will people stop believing that silly shit?

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