Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Spellcheck Yo’Self

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  1. velocirrobeeeer!

  2. Stephanie.

  3. On that note, “stupiness” could be a real word, since “stupy” is listed on the Urban Dictionary…

  4. ^What’s it’s definition?

  5. Being on Urban Dictionary doesn’t make it a real word, you fucking idiot.

  6. oh hohoho we have a professor here. bitch your stupidness is stupiness when you stoop over your penis

  7. Wheres the love, idontknow?

  8. The Urban Dictionary is a bunch of crap.

  9. the internet is a bunch of crap.

  10. ^yours?

  11. I can handle people that only have 4 toes. It’s not even secret enough for me to write about.

  12. drchalkwitheringlicktacklefeff

    At first I thought Adam’s was just a simple mistype, but then I noticed his unorthodox approach to apostrophes and it made me sad.

  13. Like OH MY WORD, people on here who say the internet is so crap, yet spend so much time on it.

  14. I know where Adam is coming from, will power is a fickle bitch… I mean I know I shouldn’t be putting stickle bricks up my faecal chute, but will my will power step in and stop me from building a sticky brown Empire State Building?

    No… No it won’t.

  15. To be fair to Adam, he isn’t referring to simple typos he is talking about the retards who can’t string a simple sentence together and instead spell everything phonetically.

  16. @4 “A cute way to call something/someone stupid.”

    @5 Define what a real word is, faggot.

  17. The urban dictionary does have it’s advantages over a regular dictionary even from an academic perspective, and velocirobber is right what is a ‘real word’…I think ‘non-standard’ is more accurate.

  18. Incredibly. Dull. Cunt.

    Those are real words aren’t they?

  19. Wilson has spelled both lactose intolerance and dairy incorrectly.

    For those of you not au fait with internet short hand, OMG is an acronym meaning Oh My God.

  20. Imamofo…it’s like you knew exactly what reality check was going to say and pre-empted him…you got smarts.

  21. Unlike you, you squinty eyed piss drinker.

    I wouldn’t use time travel to pre-empt Lamebook comments. I’d use it to go back in time and fuck Mother Teresa before she turned into a shrivelled brown conker.

  22. I’d fuck Mother Teresa when he was still altar boy Tyler.

  23. on behalf of t1000>this is fake

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