Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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  1. Incorrect. According to records, 51% of men prefer cats to dogs. Also, this is fake white trash.

  2. Yeh unless you got a link, it’s still dogs that men prefer. Also what makes you think this is white trash, why not black trash?

  3. Bacchante suggested I be a black supremist in order to belong here. I am abiding him.

  4. But who’s the one spending their money buying these “worthless” rocks for women?

    That’s right. Men.



    My dog doesn’t know how to fetch a beer, in fact, most don’t. And she couldn’t care less about children so his argument is moot.

  5. I’m a male and I hate dogs. Cats are fierce, independent, and adorable.

  6. We’re equally smart. lol

  7. Yes, sydni, you are equally smart to a dog. But not a cat.

  8. Although the OP sounds like a vacuous whore, I’m still on her side, because the “lawyer-type” who followed her is a motherfucking chump. I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to collect your own damn beer than it is to purchase/collect, vaccinate and train a dog… not to mention spending the next 13-15 years collecting ITS shit.

    But at least I have the pleasure in considering that during his absence, his dog will possibly maul his offspring.

  9. Bravo, crane, Bravo

  10. Dogs and diamonds both suck.

  11. All this shows is that men are fun loving and laid back, while women are uptight materialistic bitches.

  12. I don’t think a guy that relies on a dog to fetch beer is GOING to pick up it’s shit. More like the type of douchebag that leaves it in the grass or on the sidewalk at the park…yeah…THAT guy…I’m sure the dog doesn’t have a problem with it though, It’s kind of natural, maybe he’s going green? Maybe not?…I mean, if *I* shit in the grass, which one of you is going to bag it for me? I know I’M not bagging any of YOUR shit….way to trick me into going off topic yet again Bacchante! 😀

  13. Ha, totally unintentional.

    And re: the accolades to the robot from that other thread, yeah, I couldn’t find it either. I must be just making shit up now. Sorry ’bout that.

  14. The whole argument is stupid. Diamonds aren’t anyone’s best friend except the guy selling them. Dogs can be your best friend but that goes equally for males or females.
    Trying to make logic out of popular, but stupy, sayings is just speaking to speak. heh

  15. My Dog isn’t my best friend, in fact it fucking hates me.

    Mind you most of my sexual partners do.

  16. The only thing a diamond is good for is drilling through the wall so you can peek on your next unsuspecting victim.

  17. Feckin eejits, just love both and you could all be as amazingly smart as me.

  18. hooray for sparkly rocks

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