Friday, June 15, 2012

By All Means

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  2. You are fake.

  3. *sigh

  4. Robots can poop. I know because I just dropped a steamy load on Steeeever’s chest.

  5. Unfortunately Miles, you cannot choose and you’ll die slowly from prostate cancer.

  6. Dude, pooping and Nickleback are like, my most favorite things ever.

  7. NickelBack is “Gay”

  8. de gay mens eat da poo poo

  9. Nickleback is such the cliche band to throw shit at. Can people please think at tiny bit and expound the shitness of, perhaps, the beatles or the sex pistols or polyphonic spree… for example..

  10. *at = a

  11. Is it painful being such a fucking moron?

  12. Miles is obviously a gay.

  13. my friend’s step-aunt makes $82/hour on the computer. She has been unemployed for five months but last month her pay check was $13071 just working on the computer for a few hours. Here’s the site to read more CashLazy.*com
    remove the *

  14. My stepdad-in-law’s second cousin make forty bragillion dollars per hour on a Tandy computer not even hooked up to the Interwebs. She plays Oregon Trail and Math Blaster professionally. The “sport” pays remarkably well. Find out more at changherbertsuckspenis&.com, remove the &.

  15. The Beatles?, frankenstein? You are truly an idiot sir

  16. I’m not entirely sure what you mean, Hawkbit. Are you calling me an idiot for suggesting that the Beatles were shit?

  17. never mind, I see it now. In my defense I was quite drunk when I wrote the first post.

  18. …I am so embarrassed right now.

  19. ^No big deal. I have used the “I was drunk” excuse to defend against way worse than that. I won’t get into it, but a zebra, a midget, a ladder, and 6 gallons of spaghetti were involved. Oh, and a duck.

  20. ^wow is this guy fucking for real? how hasn’t he choked on his own tongue during sleep yet

  21. ^you stole that from something someone said to you not that long along.
    why, that’s practically fucking cheating, you sad cunt.

  22. What the fuck are you doing way back here.

  23. ^insulting you, you gurning fucking retard.

  24. Fuck you.

  25. yeah, you fucking tell me off. you can’t let me get away with continually hurting your feelings like that. you might end up getting depressed and sticking your head in a gas oven.

  26. I love these comments sections. They’re way funnier than the actual site.

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