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  1. 😀 no worries Svetlana. If I am ever on Lamebook and I see you need backup, I will rush to your defence!

  2. Me too Svetlana, I’m like a White Knight, or a TLOTR ranger, or a drunk Hobbit, or an Socialist Jewish 50 something fan of Ben Shahn (whoever that is)from the upper east side of someplace.

    this is SeeBea

  3. I don’t know who Ben Shahn is either! But the quote was from “Annie Hall”, which, had anyone recognized it, would’ve been another clue to their identity . . .
    I’m feeding everyone’s comments into a profiling program, hoping to get some backstories on the commentariat.

  4. For instance, there’s a .72 likelihood that Svetlana is Northern European, large-breasted, blonde, with a very aggressive personality; also could be a precocious teenage boy from Encino, but the probability is less.

  5. @ Prince Mishkin — thanks for the laughs!

    “Commentariat” … beautiful!

  6. Oh, Prince Mishkin… please pay attention. I told you where the fuck I am from – SOUTH AFRICA! You know, where the 2010 Soccer World Cup is being held.

  7. @Svetlana:
    From South Africa, but still blonde and large breasted with a very aggresive personality. BTW there are like 500 Nadias from South Africa on FB.
    @Prince Mishkin:
    So how is recognizing that quote profile me?

    @Zombie Kid: glad you’re back. Just be careful we don’t want to loose you again.

    This is SeeBea

  8. @SeeBea – Google the image : Nadia Nolan.

    OMFSM! I just said my real name!

  9. Three pics come up.

  10. I am the dark haired girl… that’s got like an emo-ish look, if you click to enlarge it’s a black and white pic, and I have a cross around my neck…

  11. We need to bury this thread to minimise the damage.

  12. Okay check the one after this one… 🙂

  13. Ahhh, if it’s who I think it is…seems much better than Loren or Kenny but I don’t think he has the balls to take it very far.

  14. MMM, we’ll have to see about that… I just got thrown with a screen! LOL. Bwhahahahaha *Insert evil grin here*

  15. Dustin is my favorite! haha. And Vanessa for the win!

  16. Andrew FTW. Dude you’re such a gem. No wait, YOUR such a gem. Ha, now that’s better.

    Oh the irony XD

  17. 🙂 I don’t know what is more funny…comments here or the actual lamepost… You made me laugh that’s for sure 🙂

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