Wednesday, April 25, 2012


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  1. Sexy is as sexy does.

  2. Shut up Maybecakes. Goat raper

  3. You rape one goat…

  4. I just lol’d

  5. I know right? It was a long time ago, and i was still trying to figure out who I was

  6. This is fake. And white trash.

  7. Stupid Sluuuuuurt.

  8. I saw this on f@ilbook about 3 months ago. Slow day at the office lamey?

  9. “I saw this earlier and not only was it a long time ago but it left such a mark on me that I remembered it months later. Therefore, it’s no longer funny like it was in the other place I saw it but I’m also showing everyone how busy and important I am to constantly check these sites, not for a laugh once in a while, but to compare how each is doing.”

    shut up.

  10. She is stupid, so it is okay.

  11. I like it when girls subconsciously imitate a baboon’s arse by pouting.

    It makes me want to subconsciously coat their lips in a theoretical yellow stinky goo.

  12. It’s ok for her to mock the duck face whilst pulling the duck face. But only if she gets hit by a train.

  13. What, the duck face isn’t sexy? Should probably go change my profile pic then … who knew :/

  14. curly You should replace your duck face profile pic with a ‘Urghhh it’s in my hair and tastes like Aerial Washing Powder’ expression instead…

  15. that is some seriously good artwork.
    whoever drew it should do art for a job.

  16. Oh mofo, I think I could do that one really well.

  17. Cool you pull that face and I’ll Pull my ‘I’ve just cock sneezed vinegar from my bell end’ face…we’ll look a right pair.

  18. The OP (Original Poster) is poking gentle fun at the present internet meme (trend) of Duck Face. Ironically, her profile picture clearly shows her engaging in the very activity she is lambasting. Her friends have been kind enough to point this out to her, resulting in a mildly amusing screen grab.

  19. It has only just begun, and already I am beyond tired of these obnoxious ‘reality checks’. Dig deeper, man. You can do better.

  20. ^ Not sure he can.

  21. I saw this post on FunnyJunk a loooooong time ago.

  22. RealityCheck, i heart you.

  23. ^ You heart everyone, you little slut.

  24. oh its true i admit it. a slut til the end, me.

  25. *desperate* slut.

  26. ^ and is there something wrong with that?

  27. *stupid*desperate* slut.

  28. again, i’m failing to see what’s wrong with that

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