Monday, October 1, 2012


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  1. They got “you’re” but missed “an”?
    as in “an button”?
    TWO strikes!

  2. And g val, you missed the fact that there was only one “t” in “button.” Is that strike three?

  3. actually, g val, “an” is used right there. the word following is “idiot” and “idiot” starts with an “i” therefore, it would be “an idiot.”

  4. Actually, nitwit, it should be “a”. The “an” is referring to the word “button”. B is not a vowel, therefore it’s “a button”.

  5. nitwit: capitalise “actually” and “the”, replace “right” with “correctly” and arguably “would” with “should” and scrap that final comma.

    We’re surrounded by idiots.

  6. Captainamerica, are you fucking serious? The phrase is “a ‘you’re an idiot’ button”. It’s not “a button”. My fucking god.

  7. ^^^This.

  8. necrophiliac64258

    What are you losers pissing on about?

  9. Buttons.

  10. Lamebook also needs a “you’re an idiot”-button. But then again, everyone would spam that button on every comment ever made (legitimately).

    Isn’t it obvious that duckman and nitwit were talking about different ‘an’s right there?

    Referring to pic #3: He drank five of those without getting drunk. He’s a real man!

  11. but lamebook has got a ‘you’re a idiot’ button. It’s labelled ‘submit’.

  12. No comment.

  13. I can drink 5 non-alcoholic beers without getting drunk, too.

  14. It would be ‘an’. It is because of the sound that ‘A IDIOT’ becomes. It has nothing to do with the word ‘BUTTON’.

    “Use ‘an’ if the next word starts with a vowel sound. If it does not, then use ‘a’.”

  15. There are TWO articles.

    “Facebook needs a ‘You’re an idiot’ button.”

    Now stop getting confused.

  16. Thank you for sorting that out once and for all, beatus.
    I was choking on the irony.

  17. ‘you’re a idiot’ just sounds better. and the casual use of the subject’s own lowbrow vernacular gives added colour.

  18. maybe ‘your a idoit’, given just how staggeringly fucking stupid some folk are?

  19. I love you guys, so much.

  20. trolling is a art?

  21. I think Lamebook needs a “you need to get a life and stop arguing about grammar on Lamebook!” button.

  22. an “you’re an idiot button” is correct if they are American… don’t Americans consider Y a vowel? For some feckin reason

  23. sometimes.

  24. Didn’t Beavis and Butthead already do this skit?

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