Friday, February 3, 2012

Expert Mode

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  1. I could hit that with the lights of and my mask on backwards.

    Just kidding. I would soak that whole piece of cardboard and the floor, probably on purpose.

  2. vaginalroundhouse

    Same here, if I concentrated on that hole I would just spray it everywhere.

  3. It’s the starting shot that always gets you. You can correct your aim once you start, but it’s really tough to start out peeing where you want.

  4. Awesome, awesome, but grim…
    For this dirty fellow, doesn’t clean under the rim.

  5. I’d pee all over the cardboard on purpose.


  7. Would be easy for a woman to do. But the lid would be down and the toilet wouldn’t be so fucking disgusting! Take two minutes of your life to clean that shit up before you get AIDS.

  8. Can’t get AIDS that way, but can get pick up other nasty critters. And kudos for taking every opportunity to complain about something toilet-related. Good use of the two X chromosomes!

  9. I’d stand on the tank and drop a deuce right through the hole, until the bowl filled up and lifted the cardboard up 6 inches

  10. ^no you wouldn’t

  11. Franklin: No shit, Sherlock. This isn’t the fucking ’80s, we all know how you got AIDS.

    I make one statement and you say I take “every opportunity to complain about something toilet-related”? Well fuck me twice, I didn’t know you’ve been following me around so you know EVERYTHING I do and say. You’ve been quite inconspicuous, fucktard.

    What else exactly should I be doing with my X chromosomes..? Try making more sense, you sad sack of semen. I hope MsAnneThrope comes around. You’ll like him. Technically now that he’s post-op he’s a dude, but he’s still XX. You should see how he uses his chromosomes.

  12. Apparently that hole is also 100x larger than necessary for Deesigned due to having such a tight asshole – and not the good Workaholics kind, in that sense you are loose butthole.

  13. ^Funny, your grandpa doesn’t complain about my tight asshole…

  14. Also you shriveled dick, I see someone has already beat me to setting you on fire. Early bird and all that jazz.

  15. #11 – your over reaction to #8 makes you sound like you’re about twelve years old.

  16. *Awaits rage from e-ToughGuy.*

  17. K.

  18. Dee. you’re NOT funny. ok?

  19. hahaa forreal.. did his comment upset you that much, that it necessitated a response like that?! 12 year olds these days..

  20. I thought Dee got kicked off this site already

  21. trippinn. you know little about the ways of trolling. hush.

  22. Lol get kicked off for what exactly Cockbit?

    AnneDaMan: K.

  23. #11, overkill. Imma call you Deesinged, you cunnt.

  24. Can you even get kicked off lamebook? I’ve said some horrible things on here. I think the people who dont say horrible, fucked up shit should be kicked off.

  25. ^nooo. then we’d just turn on each other. There may probably even maybe some carnage.

  26. may probably?! more like most definitely. but thats what im looking forward to!

  27. Everyone KNOWS you posedta stick ur penor in teh hole! Challenge accepted! 😀

  28. ^Was that in english CapnDickhead? If you can’t spell a word as simple as “the”, then you have no business being alive. FAIL!!!

  29. Oh noes you pooned me! Cunt you see I wet behind ears? Y u not teach me better?

  30. thu

  31. *TEH

  32. *THE, dare, I pooned you back!

  33. you’re just one big soggy sack of poon, aren’t ya?

  34. Dernit just TACH ME! No more POONING prease!

  35. fees up-front, bitch. I don’t believe in student loan debt, so just pony up the cash.

  36. @Dee Oh no you dyndnt.

  37. You tach me first THEN u get cash…no loans, justt tach me, and I pay. If u want I tach you back? I tach u ponis? I liek ponise~!

  38. Capn, you make my brain melt.

  39. I tach u long time, make your brain melt fasterish, I am haiku man!

  40. You can’t claim the title of “haiku man” unless every comment you make from here on out is a haiku.

    So…can you do it?

  41. tach me!

  42. nah. you like ponies. the only thing you need to be taught is what the back of a shovel across your face feels like.
    ponies are just mutated horses. and fuck horses.

  43. hehe, you tached me. I so happy now…but..MsAnne? You make sexy time with horses? Naughty, naughty!

  44. it was a directive not a fucking confession, you asshat.

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